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Mark Sanchez: I’m Dating A New Sexy Reporter!

Posted by on October 22, 2010 at 4:44 PM EST

mark sanchez datingMark Sanchez has been in the news more lately for his connection to sexy journalists than his play on the field.

The first connection I speak of is the incident that involved Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz. She was at a New York Jets practice to interview Mark Sanchez (who is of Mexican descent) when some of the coaches and players on the team started throwing footballs very close to her. After practice was over she was waiting in the locker room for Sanchez to arrive and she heard whistles and cat calls. She claims that she felt uncomfortable, but that nobody made any aggressive moves towards her. Sanchez, it is reported, arrived for the interview, was respectful and professional and carried himself like a pro. There was an investigation into what went on involving Ines Sainz and while no individuals were singled out the incident led to a new professional conduct policy being written and taught to all players and staff of NFL teams.

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Sainz took a month off of work and returns to the sidelines this week in Pittsburgh. She has said that she will no longer go into the locker rooms. The Jets have the bye week this week, but Saniz returns to the Jets’ sideline next week.

The other sexy reported in Mark Sanchez‘s life is named Lindsay McCormick. Lindsay McCormick is a freelance journalist who has done reports for ESPN The Magazine as well as other ESPN affiliated shows/outlets. It is rumored that she and Sanchez had a friendship that has blossomed into something romantic.

While Sanchez has been hush hush about Lindsay she has recently been outspoken about her relationship with Sanchez saying that they are just friends. She says outright, “I’m not dating Mark Sanchez.” She claims they met over a year ago through mutual friends and that they have come in contact repeatedly because of work. She says they have stayed friends, but are just friends.

When asked about the quote where she said that Mark is ”the nicest guy she’s ever met,” Lindsay McCormick claims she chooses her friends wisely and that anyone who knows Mark would say they same thing.

Now I’m not an expert matchmaker nor am I working the NY sports beat, but here is what I know for sure. Sanchez has already laid a Namath-like swath through the NY area babes. He has only been in town for a little more than one season, but has already dated Model Hilary Rhoda and actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Lindsay McCormick is smoking hot. I have a friend who met a hot girl through mutual friends. They worked in similar fields and saw each other regularly because of that. They became friends and she used to say he was the nicest guy she had ever met, but they were just friends. She didn’t want anything more because it could make work a little awkward if they were dating and she had to deal with him at work periodically. So she insisted they were just friends. Today she is the mother of his three kids.

So I’m not saying. . . I’m just saying. Mark Sanchez seems like a good guy. He can’t help it if the babes flock to him. I also have a feeling when you are the star QB of the NY Jets, you don’t have a lot of women around who are “just friends.”



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