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CBS Renews Fall Shows: The Defenders, Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods and Mike & Molly

Posted by on October 22, 2010 at 3:59 PM EST

cbs fall showsIt has been a very good fall for CBS.

The fall TV season always has its hits and misses. Normally, most of the shows air a few times then go on a hiatus while the networks decide what to do. Those that they believe in and want to back eventually come back, but often not until later in the fall or even after the new year. Most of the shows, however, never make it back. Last year CBS launched eight new shows in the fall and only three of them survived. One of those shows that survived was a spinoff of their popular NCIS show.

This season, so far, it is a different story. CBS is so happy with how things have gone that they have already ordered full seasons of five of their new shows. Included in this order are the Hawaii Five-0 reboot show starting Scott Caan and Grace Park, the Jerry O’Connell/Jame Belushi vehicle The Defenders, William Shatner‘s sitcom $#*! My Dad Says, Blue Bloods and Mike & Molly.

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The fact that that Hawaii Five-0 and The Defenders have found an audience doesn’t shock me. The Defenders got a prime slot on Weds night following the still popular Criminal Minds. It also stars two well known actors and doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of stiff competition. Hawaii Five-0 came to the screen with a familiar name and was advertised non-stop with commercials that featured some intense action and the very sexy Grace Park in a bikini. Crime, action and bikini clad babes has always been a recipe for success. Add in the nostalgia of people who remember the first Hawaii Five-0 and it stacked the deck in their favor.

More impressive is the success of the other three shows. Blue Bloods, a police drama staring Tom Selleck, Donny Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan, tells the story of a family of cops in New York. Police dramas can be hit and miss and there was no way of knowing if the audience was going to buy Selleck as a cop. Mike & Molly had the pedigree with Chuck Lorre behind the scenes, but it has a premiss that might put some people off. It is a sitcom about an overweight cop who meets an overweight teacher at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. It is a little risky because it is one of the first shows that has overweight people in it where their weight is one of the central themes of the show (meaning fat jokes abound). It also has fairly unknown stars, but does get the luck of having the hugely successful Two and a Half Men as the lead in. This slot is The Big Bang Theory‘s old slot and seems to be a lucky time for CBS. Lastly is the William Shatner sitcom $#*! my dad says. Based on the wildly popular twitter feed the show is about a guy in his 20’s who loses his job and moves in with his grouchy father who he has never had much of a connection with. People seem to love or hate Shatner so just his presence would turn off some viewers. There was also no real way of knowing if he could deliver the comic timing needed to pull off this show filled with one-liners. This should could have been terrible, but it has turned out to be pretty damned funny.

Speaking of The Big Bang Theory, CBS has announced that it will have Eliza Dushku on as a guest star later this season. She will play a sexy FBI agent who is doing a background check on Wolowitz so that he can be approved to work on a new Defense Department project. No word on how many episodes she will be in. Does Penny (Haley Cuoco) suddenly have some competition?

CBS seems to be on a roll this fall. It will be interesting to see how many of these shows now make it back for a second season.

CBS Renews Fall Shows: The Defenders, Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods and Mike & Molly



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