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The Apprentice Season 10 Recap: Kelly You’re Fired!

Posted by on October 22, 2010 at 9:17 AM EST

the apprentice kelly firedLast night on The Apprentice, Kelly failed the pedicab challenge and was fired.

As the men of The Apprentice Season 10 come back from the boardroom the women are shocked to see that two guys have been fired. It is clear now that Donald Trump is playing hardball and it puts everyone on edge.

As her reward for being the project manager for the winning team of last week’s task Stephanie gets to meet with Rockport Shoes CEO Michael Rupp. She tells him that she is interested in international sales and he, impressed by her, offers her a chance to participate in one of Adidas’ advanced management leadership programs. She is excited for the opportunity and very impressed by Rupp.

This week’s task finds the teams competing to design, sell and deliver pedicab tours of New York City.  Kelly steps up as project manager for her team and Anand will lead the men. The first thing all the contestants must do is take a training course where they have to drive the pedicab through an obstacle course with one hand while holding a teacup steady in the other. Masha and Kelly fail the test which means they can only sell, they can’t actually drive anyone.

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The men decide to dress like Roman gladiators and they chose a spot that should have a lot of tourists. The women decide they are going to use their sex appeal and go with the “babes on bikes” theme. They target the Wall Street area looking for wealthy guys who want to relax and let a sexy girl drive them around.

As the men put on their costumes and start approaching people for business David puts on a horrible British accent and acts like a bumbling idiot. Clint is angry saying that every time he has someone nearly committed to a sale David would come up and scare them away.  Anand decides that he is the best sales person so he will stay on sales while the other three guys actually give the tours on the bikes. It seems to be working well and they are busy, but David is losing his mind. As he drives down the street instead of pointing out sites he tells his customers things like why his wife left him or how his great-great-grandfather was killed by a mule. It is odd at best and creepy.

The women are not having nearly as much luck on last nights episode of The Apprentice Season 10. They can’t get anyone to buy a tour and are already fighting among each other. When Kelly starts questioning Stephanie about why she chose this location Stephanie assures her that as lunch time comes around things will pick up. She is correct to some degree. They start making some sales and the girls get to work peddling. The guys are more interested in looking at the girls peddle then the sites, but it is customers nevertheless.

As the day wears on the men feel good about how they are doing even though they have to deal with David who is like babysitting a child with ADD. The women struggle and fight amongst each other, but do get some clients.

As the contest ends and the groups go to the boardroom Clint pleads with Donald Trump to fire David no matter which team wins. He says that since their team has only four members left they all need to be at the top of their game to compete with the women and David is actually a handicap. He says they have nicknamed David The Virus. Trump tells them it is against the rules to fire someone on the winning team. And win is what the men did. They earned about three times as much money as the women.

After the men leave the women go after each other. They attack Kelly for poor leadership and Stephanie for not picking a good location or theme. Trump is a little amused that it seems like Stephanie did all the work on this one. Eventually, everyone’s favorite target Liza gets dragged into it. Trump is actually shocked when her name is brought up, but Kelly tells Trump that Liza didn’t sell even one tour.

Kelly keeps Liza and Stephanie with her in the boardroom and the three women go at each other like rabid dogs. Stephanie accuses Kelly of tasking her with too much and putting someone who doesn’t really know New York in charge of scouting the tour. Trump tells them that the main thing they did wrong was pick a terrible location.  He admits even he couldn’t sell the pedicab tour on Wall Street. When it is all said and done the hammer falls on Kelly. She did a bad job of choosing who to put in charge of picking the location and she wasn’t able to do all the tasks herself because she failed the pedicab safety test. She is fired. Outside the board room Stephanie tells Kelly that she was “the wrong girl to mess with.” Kelly shrugs her off and gets in the elevator; going down!

Tune in next Thursday night when The Apprentice will return at 10|9c on NBC.



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