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Kim Kardashian: The Dating Disaster Eyes John Mayer

Posted by on October 21, 2010 at 5:23 PM EST

kim kardashian john mayerThe dating disaster that goes by the name of Kim Kardashian has her eyes set on John Mayer.

Having left the NFL broken down, battered and in shambles from the wake of destruction she forged as she dated then dumped some NFL stars, Kim Kardashian has decided the next industry she and her larger than life booty will take down is the music industry.

As if piracy and early leaking of albums  (not to mention so many terrible artists out there) wasn’t enough of a challenge for the struggling music industry, Kim Kardashian has now turned her pretty eyes on John Mayer. Is John strong enough to fend her off and save music? Or will she crush it and see it burn?

What am I talking about you say? Allow me to enter the following evidence. Kim Kardashian dated NFL running back Reggie Bush last year. While that was happening the Saints were nearly unstoppable and the team went on to win the Super Bowl. She leaves Reggie and this year not only is the team is struggling, but Reggie broke his leg in the second game of the season then he had to give back his Heisman trophy.  Kim then moved on to Texas where she started dating Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Miles Austin. The first two games of this season he played well, then they broke up and he has not played nearly as well. However, while Austin might have a little struggle, the Cowboys have collapsed.  Kim’s powerful booty has sacked Romo and the boys and they look like they can’t get up off the turf

Listen To The Music Of John Mayer Before Kim Kardashian Ruins His Career!

Kim is clearly an NFL team destroyer. Now she has her laser sites set on John Mayer who she has been seen out with a few times this last week in New York. Sources say they have totally hit it off. This is a little surprising because Kim tends to like athlete types and a few months ago when she and her sister appeared on The Howard Stern show she told Howard that she only ever dated black guys. Maybe she is making an exception here. Mayer has bedded half of Hollywood so the guy clearly has more game most normal mortal men could even imagine. Perhaps he was able to work his artistic charms on her. . . or maybe she sees him as the weak link in the music industry chain. He is the hidden tunnel beneath the building that will allow her to crawl into the middle of the music industry unnoticed and run wild on it. Record labels beware! Kim has herself a musician! Nothing good can  come of that for you. If I were a record label executive I would be investing some of my money into some land in Montana where I would build an underground fallout shelter. You laugh now, but when Kim Kardashian is rampaging through the industry destroying music like she did the NFL, you will crawl into your bunker and hide and you will thank me for the warning.



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