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The Apprentice: How Many Will Trump Fire Tonight?

Posted by on October 21, 2010 at 4:28 PM EST

the apprentice previewWho do you think will be fired on tonights episode of The Apprentice?

There are some questions going into tonight’s episode of The Apprentice that I look forward to seeing answered.  The first question is about the firing rate of the show. Last week we saw a surprise double firing. The men were so terrible at the competition that Donald Trump fired both Wade and Gene. I speculated that it might be the lagging ratings that caused them to do a double firing so that they could end the show a little faster, but I can’t be sure of that. If there is another double firing this week, we will know that there may be some truth to my theory.

Aside from the ratings, the show goes on. This week we will see the teams compete to put together their own pedicab tour of New York. A pedicab is a bicycle with a seating area on the back where 1-2 passengers can sit. The rider then peddles and drives the passenger around. The teams will need to come up with theme and a good tour then they have to get clients.

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The women look to be leaning towards using their sex appeal on their tour. Think of it as a “see NY with a hottie” kind of thing, but if the previews are any indication getting the customers won’t be the problem. Being able to actually physically peddle them around the city might be. As the women struggle to drive their pedicabs it looks like the men struggle in all areas because of David. He has been nothing but a pain in the ass all season long. He stirs the pot and gets thrown off of challenges. He walked off stage last week and left Gene alone as he struggled to get his presentation done and he is just a general issue pain in the ass that seems to only be good at being annoying. This week on The Apprentice it appears the team has had it with him and it all comes to a head.

So far this season David has been masterful at dodging Donald Trumps watchful eye and has played of his craziness as him just being aggressive and working hard. I have a feeling that game is up this week and finally he will be revealed as the nut-job that he is.

As both teams appear to struggle, the competition is wide open and neither team appears to have the advantage. This could bring about a very close competition. Regardless of who wins or loses, with fewer and fewer contestants left you know there is going to be fireworks galore in the boardroom as everyone is scratching and clawing to stay on The Apprentice Season 10.

My prediction is that the men eventually lose the competition because of David’s antics and he is finally fired. But I have predicted his demise before and been wrong. The guy is like a cockroach and just keeps surviving. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out tonight.

Tune in to see who will be fired when The Apprentice airs at 10|9c on NBC.



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