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Glee: GQ Editor Responds To Sexy Photo Shoot Debacle

Posted by on October 21, 2010 at 1:56 PM EST

gq gleeThe GQ Editor-in-chief Jim Nelson responds to the Glee photo shoot debacle.

The controversy over the Glee photo shoot in GQ Magazine continues to run rampant on the internet. Today the GQ Editor-in-chief, Jim Nelson, has finally responded to those wacky people over at the Parents Television Council.

As reported by Perez Hilton, Nelson released a statement saying : “The Parents Television Council must not be watching much TV these days and should learn to divide reality from fantasy. As often happens in Hollywood, these ‘kids’ are in their twenties. Cory Monteith is almost 30! I think they’re old enough to do what they want.”

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I really could not have said it any better. Who the hell is the PTC anyways? My thoughts is that they are blowing this whole Glee GQ photo shoot out of proportion to call attention to themselves. Honestly ask yourself this. Prior to yesterday when this whole drama unfolded, would you have known what PTC even stood for? I sure as hell wouldn’t have.

This group of ridiculous censorship police or whatever they do needs to get a grip. Glee is probably one of the lamest shows on TV and you are going to bitch about them getting sexy on camera? GQ and the three Glee cast members  (Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith) have let the Geeks and social outcasts out there know that they too can be sexy. If this photo shoot has done anything, it has been to raise the self-esteem of millions of losers around the world. I think a round of applause is necessary.



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