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“Survivor Nicaragua” Recap: Jill Wins, Yve Gets The Boot!

Posted by on October 21, 2010 at 10:09 AM EST

survivor nicaragua yveOn last nights episode of Survivor: Nicaragua, Jill won and Yve got the boot.

Last night’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua started out with people filled with questions. Dan saw the dark skies of another storm on the way and told Holly that he was thinking about quitting, he couldn’t take another 20 days of this. She gives him a pep talk, then slams him behind his back. Yve is wondering why she was left out of the loop when it came to voting Tyrone out the night before. She was told that they thought she had an alliance with him and she quickly set about dispelling that myth.

At La Flor Marty and Jill are worried about being outnumbered by the younger players. Later that morning Brenda confirms their fears by essentially saying that no matter what the tribe name is it is still young vs. old. She begins hatching a plan to vote for Marty and Jill at the next tribal so they can force Marty to play the hidden immunity idol while voting Jill off.  Jane suddenly feels good. She has bonded with the younger tribe and seems like she is in no danger of being voted out.

At the immunity challenge host Jeff Probst throws them another curve ball. This time he tells them that there is no tribal immunity. Instead each tribe will compete as individuals for individual immunity. The two winners will then go head-to-head to battle for a reward for their tribe. Then he hits them with the kicker. Both tribes will be going to tribal council that night and voting someone out. The tribe that wins the reward will get to eat a feast of chicken and beef kabobs while they listen in on the losing tribe’s tribal council.

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As the challenge starts each player must use a paddle to dig up a buried ring from the sand, toss it over their shoulder into a basket that is on their back then race back to the start and drop it off. The first person to get all three of there rings back wins. Espada goes first. Holly starts out strong and never gives up her lead as she wins immunity. The battle among the members of La Flor is closer with Jill barely pulling out the win. Jill and Holly then go head-to-head for the reward. It is a very close race with Jill winning for La Flor.

Back at the La Flor camp Marty is making some moves as he tries to find a week point in the young person’s alliance. He approaches Fabio, explains to him how he is a grandmaster in chess so he knows all about strategy and offers him a spot in the final three with he and Jill. Fabio seems impressed and is open to the idea. Marty is excited, but he also knows that you can never bee too confident in the game of Survivor. Brenda is upset because Jill (the person she planned on voting out) won. They shift gears and decide to go after Kelly B. It is decided that they will split their votes between Marty and Kelly B. They assume Marty will use the idol and Kelly B will be gone.

At Espada it is quickly decided that the vote will be between Dan and Yve for two very different reasons. Dan is in danger because of his bad knee and generally worn down demeanor. Yve is in danger because she plays the game hard, wants badly to win and is seen as a big threat on Survivor: Nicaragua.

At tribal La Flor goes first. Brenda attacks Marty by telling Jane that he suggested she be the one voted out (when it was actually Brenda who had suggested Jane). Marty is mad as hell and whispers to Jane to vote for Brenda. The two spar and Brenda continues to prod him and lets him know that he is in danger. They want him to be afraid so he will play the idol. The votes are cast and Marty opts not to play the idol. The final vote tally is three votes for both Marty and Kelly B and two votes for Brenda. With the tie there is a second vote. Kelly B and Marty don’t vote and everyone else votes for either Marty or Kelly B. It is unanimous. Kelly B gets five votes and is voted out.

La Flor then moves to the bleachers and eats their feast as they watch Espada’s tribal. Yve and Dan spar. She tells the group that he is useless and does noting around the camp. She says he sucks at challenges and he complains about wanting to go home. Dan says Yve is arrogant and assures everyone that he is committed to the game. Alina sums it up best when she tells Probst that they have to pick between someone who is a liability to them in challenges or someone who could be a major threat. In the end they decided to keep the liability, as Yve was the next person voted out of Survivor: Nicaragua.



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