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Glee: GQ Is Too Sexy For TV!

Posted by on October 20, 2010 at 7:40 PM EST

glee gq photo shootThe cast of Glee is in some hot water after a GQ photo shoot that is proving to be too sexy for TV.

The TV show Glee has stirred up a hornets nest and angered the Parents Television Council.  While the PTC (which bills itself as a non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment) has always given Glee a red light warning that the show is not suitable for younger viewers, they have held back from going after the show directly. Until today.

The anger with the PTC is because the stars of Glee appear in a sexy photo shoot for GQ Magazine.  At the heart of the photo shoot are stars Dianna Agron and Lea Michele. Both wear very little and vamp it up in the shoots. The cover of the magazine features the girls wearing very little while fellow cast mate Cory Monteith has his arms around them and his hands firmly on their asses. Inside we see Lea Michele wearing thigh high socks and little panties as she sits in a locker room sucking on a lollipop. Meanwhile Dianna Agron wears a belly baring shirt, short schoolgirl skirt and waves her pom poms in the air. Both girls then slip into something just as sexy as they meet in the library to toss some books around.

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The PTC is angry because they feel that since GQ is a magazine for men it shouldn’t be sexualizing actresses who play high school-aged characters. They claim it borders on pedophilia and is just another sad example of the overt sexualization of young girls in entertainment.

Here is the problem. Both Michele and Agron are 24 years old. They are far from being kids. The producers of Glee have made it clear from the beginning that the show is not meant for younger kids and there has been plenty of controversy around the show that the PTC has ignored. Why are they not outraged at some of the subplots that involved gay characters dating, hooking up and having crushes on each other? Where were they a couple of weeks ago during the Britney Spears episode where Agron rocked a very seductive, sexy and abtastic version of Britney’s “I’m a Slave 4U” or the Glee cast remake of the Spears Lolita infused “…Baby One More Time?”

While the Parents Television Council claims to be standing up for parents and helping to keep quality, family friendly programing, on TV, it is clear to me that what they really hate are sexually confident women. They will take a lot of controversy from various shows and not bat an eye, but as soon as a woman on one of those shows projects herself as a confident, sexy, sexual person suddenly there is a problem. The PTC clearly has a problem with women and they have an archaic view of how women should portray themselves in the public eye.  Why do they no speak out against Charlie Sheen? He portrays a guy who is a notorious womanizer who uses women for his own personal gratification as well as the laughs of the audience. In his personal life he has nothing but trouble with women. While their site rates his show Two and a Half men as not for those under 18, I have never heard of them condemning his actions. So in their eyes they feel so strongly about a woman posing in her panties and a tank top that they issue a public statement about it, but a guy who uses women as if they were Kleenex is okay. Interesting.

In the end all the PTC really has done help give Glee more publicity. People will now tune in to see what all the controversy is about and the show will benefit from it and the PTC will fade back into obscurity where they can stew over their hatred for women and decide how to next best blast someone who doesn’t deserve it in order to get their name in the headlines. If Glee wanted to really make a statement to the PTC they should do an episode where all of the girls wear nothing but burkas.



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