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Survivor Nicaragua Preview: What Castaway Will Win Tonight?

Posted by on October 20, 2010 at 4:15 PM EST

survivor nicaragua previewA preview of Survivor Nicaragua which will air tonight on CBS.

Last week on Survivor: Nicaragua we saw the first real blindside of this season as the members of Espada voted Tyrone out. Going into this week two things are becoming more and more clear. First, if you talk trash and say/do things that annoy people, they will vote you out. Second, it is becoming more and more clear that the younger people are dominating this game.

Even though the Survivor producers realized that the little experiment of young VS old wasn’t going to work when it came to challenges and mixed the tribes, the younger people clearly seem to be a little better organized and a little more motivated towards getting the older members out of the game. As the older players in game start to dwindle in numbers they better turn things around and find a way to target a younger player or pray for a merge or most of them will not survive much longer.

Tonight’s episode will see more twists and turns. At the immunity challenge Jeff Probst gives them some shocking news. He tells them that there will be no tribal immunity given out that day, instead there will be one person from each tribe that wins individual immunity. He then lowers the boom and tells them both tribes will be going to tribal council that night.

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At La Flor Marty is in full scheme mode. In theory he is safe to play around because he does have the hidden immunity idol and everyone knows it. If he feels threatened he can play it and that alone should keep him from getting many votes. He is also one of the more fit older players so he has a decent chance of winning the individual immunity for himself. It looks like he is starting to build a new alliance and weave his way into the younger people’s good graces.

Kelly B finds herself a target again as members of her tribe talk about getting rid of her. The fact that she is missing a leg really bothers them. They think she won’t be able to perform at Survivor challenges (so far she seems to have done just fine) and they think if she gets to the end she will get sympathy votes (that very well could be). Once again she will have a target on her back.

CBS promises that tonight we will see one of the most memorable tribal councils of the season. My vote is that it somehow involves NaOnka simply because she seems to always be in the middle of the controversy. It should be an action packed, intrigue filled new episode of Survivor: Nicaragua tonight at 8|7c on CBS.



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