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Bristol Palin: The DWTS Conspiracy Lives On

Posted by on October 20, 2010 at 11:12 AM EST

bristol palin conspiracyThe Bristol Palin DWTS Conspiracy lives on after last nights live results show.

This season of Dancing With the Stars has been rife with conspiracy and last night’s results show proved that maybe there really is something to these conspiracies when Bristol Palin survived elimination and Florence Henderson was voted out.

Most of these conspiracies revolve around Bristol Palin and now she finds herself smack dab in the center of them. For starters she is the only person on the show that has nothing to do with show business. She is famous because she was the knocked up 17 year old daughter of a vice presidential candidate. Had she not been pregnant she would have been forgotten the minute the election of 2008 was over. But because of her pregnancy she became the unwitting poster child for both the pro-life movement and the movement to teach better and more thorough sex education in the school. The pro-life people loved her because she got pregnant and is going to accept her responsibility and keep the baby. The pro-safe sex education group used her as a prime example of what happens when you don’t teach your kids about birth control.

Recap The Bristol Palin Week 5 Judges Scores

But enough about that. So she gets on the show without actually have starred in anything, but she is a public figure of some sort so the show can justify having her on. That controversy was quickly replaced with the conspiracy that when her mom showed up to the second live show to watch she was booed by the crowed. Dancing With The Stars quickly issued a statement saying that the boos were for the judges, not Sarah Palin. Then there was Nachogate. When Bristol and her partner Mark Ballas went to Alaska to shoot a piece that showed Bristol at home there was speculation as to why they were doing this so early. Normally they don’t start shooting those types of things until later in the season when there are fewer dancers. While there, Bristol attended a live performance Mark put on in a bar. Since she is only 19 it would be illegal for her to be there unless she was eating food. Quickly pictures were produced of a nacho in front of her. She was deemed to be eating said nacho and after an ABC investigation the show said she had done nothing wrong or illegal. The Alaskan authorities would later also find her innocent of any wrongdoing. So if you are keeping track we have the conspiracy to get her on the show because the producers want someone who is polarizing and will spark debate. Then the conspiracy to make sure her mom feels she wasn’t booed then the third conspiracy to make sure she didn’t get in trouble for being underage and in a bar.

Then last night during the results show the coup de grace occurred. For the last couple of weeks Bristol Palin has been not improving at all. She is stiff, awkward and, frankly, just not very good. I get the feeling she isn’t all that interested and she said herself on Monday’s show that she is a little surprised that she is still around. On the live Dancing with the Stars show Monday she dressed in a gorilla outfit for part of the dance then basically shuffled through the rest. She was lost and out of synch and it looked pretty bad. The judges were kind to her, but she got the lowest score of the night. But somehow she survived.

Here is the kicker. She and Kyle both had lower scores that Florence Henderson. That means, in theory, both of them got significantly more votes than did Florence. Could that possibly be? I speculated early on that the producers want her around as long as possible. Her mom is in the public eye and is not shy about mentioning Bristol and DWTS on a regular basis. Her mom (and by default Bristol as well) is very popular with Christian groups and conservative family orientated groups. These are people who might find Dancing With The Stars family friendly entertainment and will watch the show. But if their conservative counterpart is off the show they very well may tune out. So it makes sense to keep her around as long as possible so that she can use her and her mom’s public network and easily accessible publicity to hype the show and help get eyeballs (and apparently voters) on the screen.

So did Bristol Palin really get that many calls? We will never know. DWTS has never revealed how their scoring system works. They have simply said that they take the judges scores and combined them with the votes, plug those numbers into a formula and come up with a final score. Since nobody knows how many votes people are getting it is impossible to know how this formula really works. Or, for that matter, if there is a formula at all. Perhaps Bristol has such a connection with the conservative side of the audience that they call in en masse and those votes help keep her around. Or maybe the producers know she is good for publicity and stirs up controversy and helps with ratings so they massage the numbers and keep her around.

I might have my tinfoil hat on, but after last night I think maybe there might be some truth out there among the fog. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming weeks. Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars is now officially interesting.



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  1. Hmmmm. I do agree that something smells a bit fishy RE Bristol Palin’s survival last night, but this is not news. DWTS has been like this since the first season when cute little Kelly Monaco had a final dance FULL of mis-steps to John Hurley’s near perfection and still won the trophy.

    Then we have the Derek-always-gets-the-woman-who-can-dance conspiracy and the Jonathan-always-gets-the-women-who-can’t conspiracy. So there’s plenty of conspiracy to speculate about because we all know, reality TV is real. LOL

  2. I think Bristol stinks, but so does your “article”… you are making up a controversy where there is none. DWTS explains their scoring method on their website. They assign a percentage to the judges score for each couple based upon the total points awarded for the night. This is averaged with the percentage of votes for each couple based on the total votes received.
    Based upon a likely scenario using this system and the judges scores from the last show, Bristol would only have needed to recieve 1% more of the total vote than Florence – or 15% more actual votes – to progress to the next show.

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