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Jean Claude Van Damme: Kicker In Ticker Was Minor Heart Attack

Posted by on October 20, 2010 at 10:50 AM EST

jean claude van damme heart attackJean Claude Van Damme “okay” despite minor heart attack in NOLA.

Jean Claude Van Damme, 50, was admitted to a New Orleans hospital yesterday after suffering a heart attack.

Action star Jean Claude Van Damme flew back home to Belgium early Wednesday according to reports at MTV, after experiencing what’s being dubbed a minor heart attack. The Muscles form Brussels was in Louisiana this week to shoot Van Damme’s latest film, “Weapon,” in popular movie-shoot town, New Orleans.

Van Damme’s latest flick was amid production in Romania before the cast and crew flew into New Orleans this week for what was supposed to be three days of shooting. Reportedly, Jean Claude Van Damme’s heart hiccup halted production, and landing the actor in the hospital. Reports say Van Damme’s heart attack happened before shooting even started. Jean Claude Van Damme turned 50 years old Monday, the day before his hospital scare.

Poor Jean Claude. Not exactly the picturesque way to ring a 50th birthday, huh, buddy? Van Damme, you should be doing splits on chairs and shooting circles around bad guys who are dressed as good guys that are really bad guys doing good guys’ dirty work.  Not laid up in some hospital bed in New Orleans for your weak ass heart. Get it together, JCVD!

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MTV obtained a quote from a Van Damme rep early this morning, in which they were informed via email that “He is okay.”

Sources say he is expected to make a full recovery, although there is no news yet on how awful the film will be.



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