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Watch ESPN 30 for 30: Tim Richmond To The Limit Tonight!

Posted by on October 19, 2010 at 8:09 PM EST

tim richmond espn 30 for 30ESPN 30 for 30 returns tonight with Tim Richmond: To The Limit.

ESPN 30 for 30 returns tonight at 8|7c with the hit series focus on NASCAR great, Tim Richmond in tonight’s episode: To The Limit.

Tim Richmond is summed up by ESPN’s Ryan McGee as a guy that “lived too fast, partied too hard and died too young.” McGee goes on to point out though that Richmond was also a “heckuva race car driver.”

Typically I’d start churning my vocab skills into witty jokes full of keywords and smashing commentary in this sentence. But I have no jokes, nor wit to add today. ESPN’s 30 for 30 series Tim Richmond To The Limit will chronicle Tim Richmond’s abbreviated spotlight tonight, and in it we’ll learn about the man’s life, passion – and sadly, his young death.

Tim Richmond is characterized in ESPN’s episode as a NASCAR driver that rivaled the very best names in the biz – Dale Earnhardt being the top of that food chain. In McGee’s article about tonight’s 30 for 30 episode, he describes an encounter with a NASCAR acquaintance of Richmond’s. We never learn the man’s real name, but what he shares changes the very dynamic of Tim Richmond’s beloved sport. Here is the mystery man’s quote from Ryan McGee, when he ponders what would have happened had Richmond lived beyond his 32 years.

“Earnhardt wouldn’t have seven championships, I can promise you that. And Jeff Gordon might not have four.”

Tonight’s ESPN special will undoubtedly create a Tim Richmond fan of any compassionate person. In one hour you’ll learn of the NASCAR driver’s all-too-quick rise and fall. As the series delves into Richmond’s life, you’ll learn how his lifestyle made him well-liked, but ultimately led him to a battle with HIV, and the inevitable end to the greatest NASCAR driver the world never knew.



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