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Dancing With The Stars Results Preview And Predictions

Posted by on October 19, 2010 at 6:28 PM EST

dwts results predictionHere is my preview and predictions for tonights live Dancing With The Stars results show.

Tonight’s Dancing With the Stars results show will see another dancer let go and another live performance.

This week’s live performer is Shakira who is known for shaking her hips and moving her body. I would imagine that she is going to really bring her best since she is performing on a very popular dancing show.

Find Out How The Contestants Of Dancing With The Stars Did Last Night With The Judges Scores

As for the dancers, I think the writing is on the wall. To me it comes down to either Bristol Palin or Kyle Massey. There is no denying Kyle’s energy and enthusiasm, but he really seems to struggle with the technical aspects of the dances. In the first few weeks the judges let him slide and he got by on charm and charisma, but now as things get tighter and tighter the DWTS judges have starting to pick apart the performances and his lack of technicality on the dances is really starting to show. It also seems like he doesn’t have much interest in actually improving on that aspect of the dancing. When you add to that the reality that he is probably one of the lesser known people on the show it doesn’t bode well for him

Bristol Palin has been near the bottom of the scoreboard for weeks now. Her first dance of the Dancing With The Stars shocked people because she was better than they thought she would be. She improved in Week 2, but hasn’t gotten any better since. You might even say she has digressed and gotten worse over the weeks. It is hard to say if she really has gotten worse or if it is just that the other dancers have improved so much that she now stands out as the one who has the most trouble. Her dance on last night’s show was fun and high energy, but she missed half the steps, was way out of sync and seemed to be lost half the time. I get the feeling that she is ready to go home and doesn’t much want to continue. She said it herself last night that she hoped to just survive the first week and never imagined she would make it this far.

The rest of the dancers did well enough that baring any real surprise none of them should have anything to worry about. In the end it should come down to Kyle and Bristol Palin and it will be Bristol’s time to hit the pavement and be voted off of Dancing With the Stars. If Kyle can’t improve on the technical aspects of his dancing he may follow soon.



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