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Glee Season 2 Returns Next Week With Rocky Horror Episode

Posted by on October 19, 2010 at 3:28 PM EST

glee season 2 rocky horrorGlee Season 2 will return next week with its Rocky Horror episode.

Glee fans all over will have to wait one more week for the highly anticipated Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. Instead of being a new episode, a rerun will be broadcasted. Evidently FOX thinks that the MLB Playoffs are just a little bit more important than a bunch of outcast school kids singing and dancing.

Coming off of last week’s ‘Duets’ episode, Gleeks will have to wait another dreaded week for their dose of Glee Season 2. Will the wait be worth it as when Glee returns it will be honoring the Rocky Horror Picture Show with an entire episode?

Watch The Glee Season 2 ‘Duets’ Episode From Last Week Now!

Honestly the timing will be perfect for the episode entitled ‘The Rocky Horror Glee Show’ which will air next Tuesday October 26th at 8|7c on FOX. Seeing as how Halloween will be right around the corner, maybe it will inspire people to dress up in Rocky Horror inspired costumes. Or maybe they will go as Glee cast members which means that they must break out the nerd costumes.

Either way, one thing is for certain, Glee Season 2 will be returning next Tuesday night on FOX.



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