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Florence Henderson: Middle Of The “Dancing With The Stars” Pack

Posted by on October 19, 2010 at 8:37 PM EST

florence henderseon dwts week 5Last night Florence Henderson and Audrina Patridge rounded out the middle of the DWTS pack.

While this week on Dancing With the Stars saw some winners and losers it found some dancers just treading water. They did well, but not well enough to get into the upper end of the scoring. Still they were far from doing badly and seemed to be holding on.

TV Theme Week was the order of business on DWTS and here are the dancers that held their own:

Audrina Patridge took a step back to reality. She had been doing well then got a little off track last week. This week she danced a rumba to the theme fro The Hills (the show she used to be on). She and her partner Tony Dovoloni went for a California fun in the sun theme with Audrina basically in a bikini wrapped in some see through material. She looked great, but was having trouble getting into the intimate parts of the dance. Tony gave her a hint and had her eat an onion so she focused on her breath and not the intimate dance. It seemed to help make it fun and help lighten the mood. Her dance was good, but a little bit slow. The judges like her and gave her some good advice but they seemed to think it was a little disjointed. Audrina Patridge scored a 23 which isn’t bad by any means, but is a little too light to move her up to the top of the leader board this week.

Florence Henderson told her partner Corky Ballas that she was surprised she had made it this far in DWTS. She was holding up well and now got to dance the Tango to the theme from The Brady Bunch. During rehearsals she brought in Barry Williams (who played Greg on The Brady Bunch) and had some fun dancing with him. Her dance was a little strange. It started out as a serious tango, but then jumped into a dance that included some exaggerated, comic movements and faces. It seemed like they didn’t know if they should play it serious or play it for fun. When the judges pointed this out she made a good point and told them that The Brady Bunch theme was not the easiest song to tango to. Florence Henderson got a 21, which seems to be right about where she normally scores.

Audrina seemed to do well, just not good enough and Florence Henderson, while a little off this week, was her normal fun and charming self. Everyone was impressed with her stamina on the show. While I don’t think either of these two is in danger this week, I think they both need to improve if they want to stick around a whole lot longer. As the weeks go by on Dancing With the Stars it gets harder and harder to score well and just treading water can get you passed on by.



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