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‘Dancing With The Stars’:Will Bristol Palin Be Voted Off Tonight?

Posted by on October 19, 2010 at 3:44 PM EST

bristol palin voted off dwtsThe way we see it here at Robot Celeb, Bristol Palin is almost for certain going to be voted off of Dancing With the Stars tonight.

As with every week on Dancing With the Stars there are winners and losers and some that did just okay. One name stands out though, Bristol Palin. Each week the losers are in grave danger of going home. The audience gets a vote, but the lower you score the more votes you need to get in order to stay on the show.

It was TV Theme Week on DWTS and in my eyes there were two clear-cut losers. One was a little bit of a surprise and one will shock nobody.

The surprise loser of the week was Kyle Massey. So far he has scored well and, for the most part, impressed the judges. This week things just didn’t go his way. He danced the foxtrot to the theme of Charlie’s Angels and just couldn’t seem to get into it. His partner Lacey Schwimmer helped out by bringing two hot girls in to show him some steps and give him some pointers. He seemed to eat up the attention and loved the lesson. Their dance was 70’s cheese in all its glory. They infused the foxtrot with disco moves and some a disco feel and really seemed to have a good time with it. Kyle was his normal, fun self, but the dance did seem to lack focus and technique. It was a risk that sometimes the DWTS judges love and sometimes they hate. Kyle got a little of both here. Carrie loved it. Bruno thought it was okay and Len hated it. In the end he got a 20.

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To no real surprise the other loser of the night was Bristol Palin. During her rehearsals it almost seemed like she was resigned to her fate. She told her partner Mark Ballas that she was just happy to get past the first week. Mark wanted to bring her personality out in this dance so he brought in some clowns to help make her laugh and loosen up. She danced a jive to the theme from the show The Monkeys. She and Mark started out in gorilla suits and did a twist then shed the suits and moved into the jive. Bristol Palin just wasn’t good. They were out of synch and she seemed behind on the entire step. You could see on her face that she would realize she had forgotten something then she would move to get into the right position. Half the time she was just walking around trying to catch up while he danced. It was a mess to say the least. The judges were kind to her and told her she is trying, but they had a lot of reservations about her performance. She got an 18, the lowest score for week 5 of Dancing With The Stars.

It is starting to become clear the Kyle Massey has a lot of trouble with the technical aspects of the dances. He has plenty of energy and is likeable, but he can’t seem to get the footwork down or the moves technically correct. That will ultimately be his downfall. As the weeks pass the Dancing With the Stars judges get more and more harsh about those types of things.  If he wants to last much longer he will need to work on his footwork and technicality.

Bristol Palin seems almost disinterested. I have a feeling she thought she would last a couple of weeks and be done, but with her mom’s influence and the judges being nice to her (not to mention some of the other dancers being horrible) she has survived longer than she expected. I have a feeling she is done and just wants to go home and I think she will get her wish tonight.



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