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Brandy and Maksim Score High On Dancing With the Stars Week 5

Posted by on October 19, 2010 at 7:08 PM EST

brandy top dwtsBrandy and her partner Maksim soared to the top of the Dancing With The Stars leaderboard last night. Say hello high score Brandy!

This week was TV Theme Week on Dancing With the Stars and it brought with it a handful of very good performances. Jennifer Grey and Rick Fox impressed, Kurt Warner showed he really does have what it takes and Brandy was born again and soared.

Here are this week’s DWTS winners:

Brandy and Maksim did a quickstep to the theme from the TV show Friends. During the rehearsal week they focused on having fun and repairing their relationship that seemed to have been breaking down. It looked like Maks finally caught on to her personality and they really warmed to each other. Their dance was amazing. They were fireballs of energy and all over the floor. Brandy broke out some killer footwork and really kicked the quickstep into a new dimension. The judges loved her.  They thought she really showed her potential and took her game to a whole new level. Her hard work paid off with a score of 27, her highest score to date on DWTS.

Kurt Warner admitted that he was disappointed with his performance last week, but he drew on some of his past experiences of getting knocked down and getting back up to focus and get better. They danced to the theme of Bewitched. It was cute because Anna didn’t know what the Bewitched show was about so Kurt got to teach her to wiggle her nose. He also enjoyed making fun of her for not knowing whom Walter Payton was. Their quickstep was great. It was fun, light and packed with energy and smiles. They were really having a good time and played the Bewitched theme to its fullest. Kurt was casual, relaxed and clearly having a great time. The crowd went crazy for them and judges showed the love with a 24 for week 5 of Dancing With The Stars.

Rick Fox was also disappointed in his previous week’s score. He likes to be motivated so he took his partner Cheryl to an LA Laker practice where he introduced her to Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson. Those two told her about Rick and his drive for perfection and then Rick and Cheryl put on a short dance demonstration for the guys. The refocusing effort seemed to work. They did a rumba to the theme of Hill Street Blues with Rick dressed as a cop. It was smooth, romantic and very well done. Carrie Ann nearly fainted she was so in love with Rick. Len liked it, but thought it was a little unromantic and Bruno was impressed. His score of 24 announced Rick was back to form.

The final winner of the week on DWTS was Jennifer Grey. She had a rough time during rehearsals. She was thankful that they were going to dance the foxtrot, which will give her body a break from the more physical dances, but was worried about doing ballroom dancing again. She and her partner Derek had a fight about him getting frustrated with her. She left to go for a walk and when she came back they made up and all seemed fine as they got back to work.  Dancing to the theme of Married With Children Jennifer looked fantastic dressed as a 50’s era stereotype housewife. They moved well together and had a very elegant, graceful dance. While Len thought it was a little too theatrical, Bruno loved it. Carrie thought there were a few moments where it was a little out of synch. In the end she got a 25, the second highest score of the week.

All four of these dancers did very well this week on Dancing With the Stars and should have nothing to fear in



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