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Dancing With The Stars: Florence Henderson Emotional Journey

Posted by on October 18, 2010 at 7:46 PM EST

florence henderson corky ballasFlorence Henderson might not be the best on DWTS but she definitely delivers emotion-filled dances.

Florence Henderson has been one of the emotional and nostalgic favorites so far in Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars. She is an icon of television history and a woman most of us grew up watching on TV. While many were excited that she was on the show, there were questions about how well she would do and if, at age 76, she would have the stamina to keep up with the show’s demanding schedule. So far, she has done well and made herself proud.

Right from the start Florence Henderson impressed the judges. Unlike many of the dancers she didn’t seem that nervous in Week 1. She had been on Broadway and done live theater a lot over her career and it showed that she was clearly comfortable in front of an audience. Each week since she has been consistent. Her scores don’t put her among the best dancers, but she is not among the worst either. She is steady, in the middle and seeming to have the time of her life. As the weeks have gone on there continue to be questions about whether or not she would be able to keep up with her younger cast-mates, but so far she has seemed to have no problems. She might be 76, but she is full of energy and life. She has even been pranking her co-stars and making fun of The Situation‘s abs.

As much as we all love Florence and want to see her smiling face dancing each week, I get the feeling that her time is limited on the show. While her dancing is elegant, emotional and fun to watch, because of her age she is a little bit limited on the different types of moves she can do. As the weeks go on I have a feeling the rest of the cast will start to pull these moves off and Florence will be left behind. She should survive a couple more weeks, but I have a feeling that will be about it.

It has been a joy watching Florence Henderson do her thing on Dancing With the Stars. Maybe she will shock us all and pull off some surprising numbers that catapult her into the ranks of the best dancers on the show. In reality I think she will have 1-3 more weeks left then it will be her time to go. We can enjoy Florence while we have her and I have a feeling when it is her time to go she will go out like she dances, with class, grace and elegance.

Florence and Corky Ballas will take the dance floor tonight live when DWTS Week 5 airs at 8|7c on ABC.



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