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Kurt Warner Proves NFL Quarterbacks Can Dance On DWTS

Posted by on October 18, 2010 at 7:15 PM EST

kurt warner troubleKurt Warner is proof that NFL players can dance on DWTS.

Kurt Warner has been one of the pleasant surprises of Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars. NFL players have a tradition of doing well on DWTS, but most of those guys have played positions that required a lot of agility and lightness of the feet. Kurt is the first quarterback to try his hand at dancing and even he wondered if he could be loose enough to really get into the flow of things.

Check Out How Kurt Warner Did Last Week On Dancing With The Stars Season 11

He started out a little stiff in Week 1, but did better than a lot of people might have thought. Once the nerves were settled it looked like Kurt was really having a good time. After his Week 2 performance the judges said he was improving quickly and really thought he showed some potential. That potential brought itself to fruition in Week 3 when he did his best dance and got his highest score. The judges were full of praise, telling him that he was officially a contender.

However Kurt Warner slipped back to the pack a little bit in Week 4. His dance was decent, but lacked in the technical aspects and seemed a little stiff. These problems were reflected in the judge’s scores. He has never appeared to be in any real trouble of going home, the NFL fans are clearly voting for him, but that may not last forever.

Kurt seems to have some trouble occasionally just letting himself go and having fun with the dance. I think he might be holding onto his NFL frame of mind where he focuses hard on the task at hand and forgets that he is supposed to be enjoying this.

If Kurt wants to make a serious run at the Dancing With the Stars title he will need to do two things. First, relax. Just have some fun and loosen up. If the fans see he is enjoying it, they will forgive him any minor missteps he may make along the way and second, he needs to stay consistent. Because he should continue to get good fan support he won’t need to be among the top scorers each week to continue to move on, but he will need to be consistent. If he has a good week then follows it up with a not so good week the voting from the fans may not be enough to keep him around. Things are getting tight on the show. The bad dancers are now pretty much gone. I don’t think Kurt Warner  is in any danger in the next 1-2 weeks, but he will need to keep getting better if he wants so survive much longer than that.



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