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Watch Maksim Bully Brandy On Dancing With The Stars Week 5

Posted by on October 18, 2010 at 6:50 PM EST

brandy norwood-dwtsWill Maksim be too hard on Brandy during the live Dancing With The Stars week 5 performance tonight? Or is just what Brandy needs to win?

As Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars began Brandy was one of the odds on favorites to win the show. The odds makers had her ranked second behind only Jennifer Grey as having the best chance of winning it all. Right out the gate she showed why that was. Her dance in Week 1 was strong. She and her partner worked well together and it seemed like she was really going to be a force to be reckoned with. But as is often the case, things were not exactly what they seemed like.

In Week 2 the rehearsal footage showed Brandy and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy butting heads and having trouble communicating. Her dance was good, but not great and included a writhing solo that didn’t impress the judges. She still scored well, but not as well as the week before. Suddenly it seemed that maybe there were some chicks in Brandy’s armor.

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Week 3 showed that Brandy and her partner seemed to really be having some communication issues. At first it seemed that maybe the two were both just A type personalities who had some trouble communicating but as the footage played it started looking like Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim was a real taskmaster. He was very tough on her even smacking her in the ass and on the hips and legs when she took a wrong step. The judges were not very happy with him and condoned his action.

From there Brandy has been in defense mode as she has tried hard to portray Maksim as a passionate guy who just wants her to do well and not an abusive jerk. Maksim struck out at the judges and Brandy suddenly found herself embroiled in some controversy on the show.

Going into Week 5 Brandy has two things to prove. First, she must dance well. She has had weeks where she looked great and weeks where she good, but not up to her normal standards. Now that things are getting tighter and the lesser quality dancers are quickly being voted off she is going to have to stay at a high level if she wants to make it to the end. She is also going to have to prove that she and Maksim are getting along and that he is not bullying her. If the viewers start thinking that he is abusing her in any way they may choose not to vote for her and that could hurt her badly. The situation she is in with her partner is not her fault, she didn’t choose him, he was assigned to her. She now has to make the best of it and leave any drama out of the spotlight and off the dance floor. If she can do that she is still a contender and will remain a favorite to win it all.

Watch Brandy and Maksim hit the dance floor tonight when DWTS airs at 8|7c on ABC.



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