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Bristol Palin Is The Odd One Out On DWTS

Posted by on October 18, 2010 at 4:14 PM EST

bristol palin 2010 dwtsBristol Palin seems to be the only non-celebrity on DWTS and I can’t quite figure out why she is even there.

Bristol Palin continues to be at the center of the attention on Dancing With the Stars. For someone who is not even really a star, she has probably gotten the most press of any of the dancers dedicated to her. She is at once a polarizing figure as well as a fascinating one. For that matter her entire family seems to have captured the eye of the public. There seems to be no middle ground with Bristol or her mom (Sarah Palin). People seem to either love them or hate them. In a way the Palins remind me of Tom Waits. When you first hear Waits you either get him and it touches your soul and you love him, or you think it is the worst crap you have ever heard. Most people don’t say that Tom Waits is just okay. People tend to have the same reactions to the Palins.

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It is that link to her mom that ultimately seems to drag Bristol into this controversy. Whatever she says or does on the show her mom seems to always be not far behind her. Sarah is Gepetto to Bristol’s Pinocchio.  The controversy was already starting before the premiere episode of Dancing With the Stars had even aired. Included in this was controversy over why she was even on the show. This was followed by her stating she would not do anything overtly sexy and she would dress conservatively and that was followed by more controversy about all the security that ABC was putting in place so Sarah could come to watch Bristol during the premier. When the show finally did air there was no Sarah Palin in the crowd and Bristol Palin had already broken her promise to not dress sexy.

This was just the start. If I were to cover all the controversy surrounding her this season this story could go on for  a long time. Let’s just suffice it to say that from the security issues to some of the things her mom has said to Nachogate there has been no shortage of firestorms surrounding Bristol.

All of this controversy seems to have overshadowed the reason she is here: to dance. In Week 1 of Dancing With the Stars, she did better than many had expected. With no dance experience whatsoever nobody was sure how she would do. It is safe to say she did better than many thought she would. Week 2 saw her improve on her Week 1 score and get better. Things were looking up for her. She seemed to be relaxing and having some fun. But in Week 3 she took a step back and Week 4 saw her step back even further. Week 4 on DWTS was a strange week for Bristol (and all of the dancers) as they were given two scores that were combined. They got a score for technical merit and a separate score for performance. Bristol’s technical merit was good. She had clearly worked on getting the steps down. But her performance was stiff and lifeless. Her face was void of any emotion and she looked like she was being held at gunpoint and forced to dance.

It is starting to seem that maybe Bristol Palin can’t find a happy medium between getting the technical stuff down and and just cutting loose and having some fun. That is a problem she is going to have to rectify if she wants to make it past this week.

Not helping is her mom’s constant need for publicity. Last week Sarah decided (seemingly out of nowhere) to tell the press that Dancing With the Stars had approached her husband Todd about being on the show. When he turned them down they then offered the spot to Bristol. Why would you do that? Isn’t it enough to just say that you are proud of your daughter and not have to let the world know your husband was actually the first choice? Now this week Sarah is beginning the promotional tour for her new show Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Whether she wants it or not Bristol and her dancing is sure to come up during Sarah’s promotional appearance and it will be written about (no doubt I will be one of them reporting on this). I have to wonder if when Todd Palin turned down DWTS; Was it him or Sarah that suggested Bristol? Bristol has always seemed to be the reluctant participant in all of this. She never asked to be dragged up on stage at the Republican Convention while she was pregnant. She seems a little reluctant about being an abstinence spokesperson especially considering how just a few months before landing the job with Candies she told a reporter that she thought abstinence wasn’t very realistic for most people. Now I get the feeling that she wasn’t necessarily overly enthusiastic about doing Dancing With the Stars but ended up doing it to make mom and dad happy and keep the spotlight shining firmly on the Palin family.

If this is Bristol Palin’s last week on the show (and I think it will be unless she really dances well and someone else drops the ball) there is no doubt in my mind that her exit from the show will be followed closely by plenty of controversy.



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