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Jennifer Grey Admits Dancing With The Stars Saved Her Life!

Posted by on October 18, 2010 at 12:05 PM EST

jennifer grey dwts saved lifeDancing With the Stars saved Jennifer Grey’s life – literally.

It is well known that several years back Jennifer Grey got a nose job. The doctor that did the work screwed it up so badly that she had to have a second doctor step in and do a full reconstruction. When that doctor was done fixing her nose she looked so different that her friends and family barely recognized her. Her career suffered badly because of this. She jokes that she went into the operating room a celebrity and came out anonymous. For a while she actually considered changing her name and starting her career over from scratch. But this wasn’t her first major medical issue.

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Back in the mid 1980’s she was involved in a very bad car accident in Ireland with then boyfriend Matthew Broderick. Her neck was injured and she spent the better part of the next 20 years dealing with chronic pain from the injuries suffered in that accident. Jennifer was actually going to be on a previous season of Dancing With the Stars. Despite her pain she wanted badly to do it. She went in for the physical to make sure her body was going to be able to handle the stress and the doctor told her that her spin was falling apart. Her spinal cord was compressed and if she fell, or possibly even just turned her head to quickly she could become paralyzed.

The doctor rebuilt her neck. He removed some bone spurs then inserted a titanium plate to stabilize her neck. While looking at the MRI of her neck he noticed a white spot on her thyroid that didn’t look right. He suggested a doctor for her to see once she was healed from the neck surgeries. At first it was thought the dot was a benign tumor or cyst on her gland, but a biopsy showed it to be cancer.

Jennifer Grey had two surgeries to have the tumor removed. Because of the early detection she caught the tumor before it metastasized so the cancer never had a chance to spread.  Once the surgeries and treatments had ended Jennifer was cancer free and finally, after nearly two decades of suffering, pain free. She was finally fit and ready to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars.

Her stint on DWTS hasn’t been without health problems. She has had a sore neck here and there from all the physical activity and she hurt her foot a few weeks ago.  But she is in very good shape and at 50 is dancing circles around contestants half her age. Had Jennifer Grey never decided to do Dancing With the Stars Season 11 she may have never known how bad her neck was until it was too late. And that little white dot would have been allowed to grow until it was full blown cancer running wild in her system.

Knowing that, and knowing what she has gone through to get here, it is no wonder every week Jennifer Grey hits the floor and dances her ass off.



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