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Lohan violates bail SCRAM ankle bracelet as proof

Posted by on June 9, 2010 at 10:52 AM EST

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan’s SCRAM ankle bracelet lit up while at the MTV movie awards after party.  Two days later, Judge Marsha Revel orders a new warrant for her arrest, stating that in fact she was in violation of bail and also increased bail from $100,000, to  $200,000. With quick action from her bail bondsman David Perez, $20,000 (the standard 10% of bail) in Judge Marsha Revel’s court was posted an hour after the warrant was issued, leaving Lindsay still free at this time.
After a private meeting with Lindsay’s lawyer and prosecutor, Judge Revel stated, “At this time, the court finds she was in violation of the conditions of her bail.”

Lindsay tweeted “I did not violate anything…at all… A suspicious flashing red light, hiding behind her suede boots would say other wise.

A spilled drink is what’s being said caused the bracelet to go off, but a SCRAM ankle bracelet checks for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes by testing the wearer’s perspiration, its smart enough to know if the wearer is drinking or was just splashed by someone else’s drink. .

At this time Lohan’s attorney and the prosecutor are waiting on a full SCRAM report determining if she indeed violated the order.

Lindsay is due to appear in court on July 6th for violating her probation by missing her court date. According to Lohan, she apparently misplaced her passport in France.  The young actress had a DUI arrest in 2007 that ended in probation, mandatory alcohol and drug testing and alcohol education classes. What Lindsay needs is some time in jail to keep her away from the bar party scene.

Lohan is known for her starring role as a child in the “Parent Trap”. Her career success took off with “Freaky Friday” and “Mean Girls”, but the hard parting scene has caused her career to go down hill.



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