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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: Summertime In Sweden

Posted by on October 18, 2010 at 8:01 AM EST

the amazing race 17 recap swedenThe Amazing Race 17 aired last night with teams heading to the Arctic Circle for some icy fun in Sweden.

As host Phil Keoghan stated last night, teams of The Amazing Race 17 were set to go from “the furnace to the freezer” as they flew from Ghana to the Arctic Circle.

Last week on The Amazing Race 17, father and son team, Michael and Kevin were the last team to check into the pit stop. However, it was a non elimination leg of the race so they were not sent home. Instead, on last night’s episode, Michael and Kevin would have to endure a Speed bump (a challenge that only they would have to do). The singing duo of Connor and Jonathan came in first last week on The Amazing Race so they were the first team to depart.

Catch Up With The Amazing Race 17 With A Recap Of Last Week’s Episode

For the first leg of last night’s Amazing Race, teams would be flying from Ghana to Sweden (Arctic Circle). All of the teams were given tickets on the same flight; however some would manage to book an earlier connecting flight, which put them ahead of the other teams by 2 hours. The teams that made the earlier flight to Sweden were: Brook and Claire, Michael and Kevin, Nat and Kat, Gary and Mallory

Once the teams landed in Sweden, they were set to make their way to the world famous, Ice Hotel. Upon arrival, teams must decipher a clue that is etched in a huge block of ice. Teams would now head to Fjellborg’s Lodge to receive their next clue of The Amazing Race 17. For Michael and Kevin it was now time for them to complete the tedious Speed Bump!

The father and son team received what was quite possibly the lamest excuse of a speed bump that the Amazing Race has ever delivered. All that they were required to do is sit on a block of ice for 10 minutes. I mean come on, how is that even a speed bump? Creativity and Challenging factor receive a score of 0 as that was ridiculously stupid.

Meet The Teams Of The Amazing Race 2010!

Anyways, after their Speed Bump, Michael and Kevin are now back in the race. Upon arrival at Fjellborg’s Lodge, teams were required to Mush their dogs on a training sled while gathering 5 flags to trade for a shipment of fur pelts. While the whole dog sledding down a dirt road seemed like it would be awesome, CBS delivered yet another ridiculous idea. They had people dressed up in fake bear costumes along the path to try and scare the contestants of The Amazing Race 17. Someone please find whoever put that into the show and fire them!

At this point in last night’s episode of The Amazing Race, the teams were pretty much all handling the road block with ease. The fun will come as they head to their next clue which will dish out the detour challenge.

Teams must now choose to participate in Beds or Sleds. Beds will have the teams making some crazy looking teepee that meets the standards of some of the locals. Sleds, which looked extremely fun, challenged the teams to ride a crazy sled contraption down an snowy hill in less than 1:58. Let’s take a look at how the teams fared on the final task before the pit stop on last night’s episode of The Amazing Race 17:

  • Nat and Kat – The two doctors took on the Sleds detour and pretty much rocked it. They flew down the course on those sleds like two professional women Olympians. Once the task was completed, they headed to the Pit Stop where Phil Keoghan let them know that they were the first to arrive.
  • Mallory and Gary – The father and daughter team also chose to compete in the Sleds detour on last night’s Amazing Race. While they flew down the hill, Mallory crossed the finish line at exactly 1:58. Being that they had to beat the time, they were sent back up the hill to try it again. Of course, on their second try Mallory and Gary beat the time and headed to the pit stop where they acquired 2nd place.
  • Brook and Claire – You would never tell that these two ladies were Home Shopping Network hosts. They are by far the craziest team of The Amazing Race 17 and my favorites. They chose to ride their sleds down the course and rocked it on their first try. They arrived at the pit stop just seconds after Gary and Mallory, claiming a 3rd place finish.
  • Michael and Kevin – The first team to pick the Beds detour, the father and son took on the task of creating the teepee looking house. After some trial and error, Michael and Kevin received approval and managed to go from last place last week to 4th place this week.
  • Jill and Thomas – Nothing exciting here with these two, they chose the Beds detour but upon arrival, they decided to bypass the challenge by using their Express Pass. In what was probably a smart move, Jill and Thomas reached the pit stop in 5th place.
  • Nick and Vicki – This tattooed couple were all about the Sleds challenge as they completely shattered the 1:58 time limit and reached the pit stop as team number 6.
  • Chad and Stephanie – While Chad flew down the course, Stephanie was having issues. After their first failed run, Chad and Stephanie decided to go do the Beds challenge. At this point in last night’s episode of the Amazing Race, three teams were left and they were all attempting the beds road block. Chad and Stephanie were the first of the three to complete the task and took 7th place.
  • Katie and Rachel – These two young ladies managed to squeeze out a win over the acapella singers as they crossed the finish line in 8th place.
  • Connor and Jonathan – Watching these two acapella singers try and sled down a hill was the funniest thing I have seen in a while. It was a complete disaster and they ended up switching detours to the Beds challenge. However, it was too little too late as Phil Keoghan let them know they were the last to check in and that their time on The Amazing Race 17 was over.

The Amazing Race will return next Sunday night at 8|7c on CBS.



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