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Dexter Season 5 Recap: Julia Stiles And The Serial Killer

Posted by on October 18, 2010 at 5:30 AM EST

dexter season 5 recapDexter Season 5 aired last night and here is a quick recap of what went down on the brand new episode entitled “Beauty and the Beast.”

Titled Beauty and the Beast the newest episode of Dexter Season 5 picks up right where the last one left off. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) had just killed Boyd Fowler and realized he was being watched. He chased the girl (Julie Stiles) down and tried to tell her that he wasn’t going to hurt her. She passed out in his arms with him realizing she had seen him kill Boyd.

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Dexter has now moved her to the abandon building he had set up for Boyd. He tried to clean the many cuts on her body. She wakes up and fights him, he eventually has to drug her like he does his victims to calm her down. He takes her prints, puts them on a water bottle and leaves. Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) calls him and asks for his help at the murder scene where the shop owner was beheaded. Dexter agrees and shows up at the scene. He helps out, finds them some evidence they overlooked and slips his bottle in with the other evidence they have collected.

It is then that he realizes he has been gone all night. When he gets home the nanny is not happy. She tells him she can’t trust him and quits.

Dex runs the prints from the bottle and finds out the girls name is Lumen Pierce (Julia Stiles). He steals some of Masuka’s antibiotics from the refrigerator heads back to where she is being held. He tries to talk to her, but it doesn’t go well at all. He leaves her with the medicine and water and heads home.  There he does some research and finds that Lumen owes money to a local motel. He goes there, posing as her husband and finds that her luggage is still there. He pays the past due bill, gets her luggage and finds out more about her, including the fact that she has a family who loves her and wants her to come home (no word on why left home to begin with). On a side note that has nothing to do with the plot, Julia Stiles is amazing in this role on Dexter Season 5. She really can act is her portrayal of the beaten and battered Lumen is first rate.

Meanwhile Quinn (Desmond Harrington) follows the FBI and learns the location of the safe house the Mitchell’s are staying in. Batista (David Zayas), on orders from Laguerta (Lauren Velez) goes to the hospital to apologize to the fellow officer he beat up. Batista apologizes, they come to an agreement that they are cool and the other officer, Lopez, won’t be pressing charges.

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Dexter tries to talk to Lumen, but she still has nothing to do with him. He leaves her stuff and gives her some time. He then goes to the nanny’s house and grovels, promising that things will be different and he won’t mess up again. She agrees to come back and take care of Harrison.

Debra gets a break in her case. They found a partial print thanks to the evidence Dexter found and have two ID’s from it. They storm the apartment complex the suspects live in. When they open the door they find a tiny apartment packed full of people. Debra follows a hole in the wall to back room full of idols, wax and an alter. There she confronts one of the suspected killers who has a kid held hostage with a machete to his throat. The guy slices the kids’ neck and jumps out a window. Debra gets a few shots off then helps the kid. She is pretty broken up about losing the guy and maybe getting that kid killed.

Dexter returns to where he is hold Lumen and finds her laying on the floor face down with blood next to her wrist. As he approaches she spins around and hits him in the head with a bottle. She runs like hell with him chancing her through the swamp. Eventually, he catches her and tries to calm her down, but she fights until he finally pulls her to the ground and controls her.

Quinn follows the FBI as they take Jonah Mitchell to a nearby store. He goes into the store and show a picture of Dexter to Jonah. He asks if that is Kyle Butler. Before the kid can answer the FBI are all over Quinn.

Dexter takes Lumen to the swamp where Boyd dumped all his victim’s bodies. He shows her one and tells her that Boyd did this and he was going to do it to her. She asks him how she knows it wasn’t him that killed these girls and Dexter tells her that she can’t know that for sure, that she has to take a leap of faith. He tells her his wife was killed by someone like Boyd and that he wants to stop evil people like that from hurting more innocent people. He hands her a knife and tells her to use it if she doesn’t believe him. She cuts his arm, but then breaks down and he comforts her.

Back at the police department Quinn gets reamed by Laguerta for messing around with the Trinity case. She is pissed that he would ever even consider Dexter as a suspect. She suspends him and as he leaves he runs into Debra who is also having a bad day. She tells him she doesn’t want to be alone and he responds telling her that he is no good for her. As she gets into his car she tells him that tonight she isn’t looking for good.

Dexter and Lumen are now back at his SUV. She puts a bandage on his cut and apologizes for attacking him. She tells him what it was like to be held captive and to be beaten by Boyd. Dex tells her that he read her letter and he knows she has a family that loves her so she can go home. Boyd is dead and it is all over now. The episode ends with her reply: “Boyd wasn’t the only one who did this to me. There were others. It’s not over.”

Dexter Season 5 will return next Sunday night at 9|8c on Showtime.



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