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Justin Bieber: Assault On Canada!

Posted by on October 17, 2010 at 8:29 PM EST

justin bieber assaultJustin Bieber assaulted a digruntled Bieber fever hater while visiting Canada.

Bieber fever escalated into an assault investigation in Canada last night when an incident between Justin Bieber and a 12-year-old boy broke out at a Richmond laser tag joint.

As TMZ reports, teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber was the subject of a late night assault investigation at a laser tag facility, Friday night. Details are still surfacing, but it seems Bieber hit a 12-year-old boy at the center, and it was later dubbed an assault.

Canadian blog, Zacktaylor.ca spoke with a staff member from the laser tag center about the Bieber assault incident. According to the employee, the 12-year-old boy did not require medical attention, but, in the quote mentions that the boy’s sister said he did cry. (On a quick side note – what an uncool sister!)

Police were involved by the boy’s father, and TMZ confirms there is indeed an assault investigation. The Canadian police say they’re interviewing witnesses, but wouldn’t confirm or deny Justin Bieber’s involvement.

Justin Bieber was contacted via rep for comment by TMZ, but is denying any of it is true. The account of what actually happened at the laser tag center is unclear, but Internet reports indicate Bieber and the 12-year-old boy definitely had some kind of altercation. The laser tag facility employee quoted by Zacktaylor.ca suggests that Bieber simply reacted to game play, saying Justin Bieber was just trying to get away from a group of kids that had cornered him and accidentally hit the 12-year-old boy en route.

Was making 12-year-old girls cry not enough for this punk? Just had to make a 12-year-old boy cry too? Tsk tsk, Biebs.



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