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Survivor Nicaragua: Tyrone’s Racist Escapade

Posted by on October 15, 2010 at 6:11 PM EST

survivor nicaragua racistTyrone was voted off of Survivor: Nicaragua last week and he is speaking out about racism on the hit TV show.

This week on Survivor: Nicaragua, Tyrone Davis was voted out, but he isn’t going quietly in the night and is making sure that people know he is unhappy with how some of his fellow (racist) tribemates conducted themselves.

Tyrone said in an interview this week that there are some heavy racial overtones running through the Espada tribe. He gave a few very pointed examples. In one example he said that he and Holly were laying next to each other in the shelter and she said to him, “I’ve never slept next to a brother before.”  In another example he said that he and Dan were talking about Dan’s hometown of Brooklyn when Jill told him that she would never go there. When Tyrone asked her why he claims she responded, “Because there are black people there!” He says that she went on further to suggest that crime and race are directly connected.

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Of course the Survivor: Nicaragua camera conveniently didn’t catch any of this going on.

Tyrone also says that he was disappointed in NaOnka’s venom, but that he didn’t see it as a coincidence that both black players were on the chopping block this week. Meanwhile, Dan, who can barely walk and sits out most of the challenges continues to live on in the game. While it is a legit debate to talk about why Dan is still around I have a feeling the lack of votes going Dan’s way has very little to do with anyone’s race. When asked why Dan has not bee voted out Tyrone could only come up with two reasons: he is a likable guy and he is not a threat to anyone.

As far as the blindside that Tyrone received at tribal council, he disagreed and said he expected it. He felt his tribemates where intimidated by him and knew that the didn’t have the support of the younger players.

Survivor has always been a show about bringing together people from all walks of life. They pride themselves on getting a diverse collection of contestants. While the producers may not get involved if racist things are said, they might if there were threatening overtones. In one way Survivor is the ultimate free market. If you annoy people, don’t pull your weight or offend people, chances are you will eventually get voted off. Because of this it makes me wonder if maybe something was said in jest or as an aside and Tyrone took it wrongly. Why would Jill openly say something that could clearly cause her endless problems and see her eventually voted out of the tribe? Not to mention seen by 2o+ million different people each week.

With as many different cast members as Survivor has had over its 21 seasons there are bound to have been some racists so I don’t find the idea of their being someone racist on the show improbable. I just find it convenient that the guy who has never been shy about questioning people face-to-face failed to call these people out on their statements as they happened and he failed to say anything at tribal council. It also seems odd that in a show where there are cameras around you 24/7 that these racists statements slipped under the radar and were not caught on camera.

I’m not saying Tyrone is a liar. Only he Holly and Jill know the full truth. But I have a feeling he might be a little bit  bitter about getting voted out so early in the game and is blowing some things out of perspective. It will be interesting at the end of this season of Survivor: Nicaragua when they bring everybody back for the reunion if the subject of racism in the tribes is brought up.



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