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Top Gun 2: Will Tom Cruise Be In The Sequel?

Posted by on October 16, 2010 at 11:17 AM EST

top gun 2 sequelNews of Top Gun 2, the sequel to the 1986 classic is spreading rampant and everyone wants to know if Tom Cruise will rejoin the cast!

Normally if the movie studio is going to make a sequel to a movie they do it pretty quickly. Sometime the sequel is announced the same day the first movie is released in theaters. In the case of Top Gun it took 24 years before Top Gun 2 was given the green light. So now the real question that everyone is asking is… Will Maverick (Tom Cruise) return?

According to sources, Paramount Pictures has officially made offers to producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Director Tony Scott to develop a sequel to the 1986 hit. Top Gun 2 will be written by Christopher McQuarrie who has penned movies such as The Usual Suspects, X-Men and the Tom Cruise vehicle Valkyrie. Cruise himself is scheduled to return as Maverick, but only in a limited role.

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Jerry Bruckheimer has said that the main problem with doing the sequel is that the way aviation warfare is waged now has changed dramatically since the previous movie. The original Top Gun focused on the pilots learning the art of dog-fighting as they went head-to-head against their opponents in the air. On the modern battlefield this rarely happens. This brought about difficulty in finding a way to make the action and air battles interesting, but to also keeping them realistic for Top Gun 2. Bruckheimer goes on to say that screenwriter McQuarrie has come up with a way to do that so the project is moving forward.

For those who are too young, or have just forgotten, Top Gun was one of the biggest box office hits of its era. It stared Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer as rival Navy fighter pilots who get a chance to go to the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School. It is at this school that Cruise’s Maverick becomes rivals with Kilmer’s Iceman. Iceman considers Maverick to be too dangerous to be a good pilot.  As the training progresses Maverick continues to romantically pursue Charlie (played by Kelly McGillis) even after he finds out that she is an instructor at the school. When both Maverick and Iceman graduate from the school their celebration is cut short as they are called to the USS Enterprise to deal with a crisis situation. They must fly into hostile airspace to help provide support for a ship that has broken down and drifted into enemy waters. Iceman and Maverick must finally work together if they are going to survive as they face off against Russian MIGS. The movie really changed the way air combat was shown in movies and revolutionized that type of special effects.

The announcement of Top Gun 2 comes at a time when “rebooting” movies and series is all the rage in Hollywood. The idea is that you take an older movie or even series of movies (IE Star Trek) and you give it a fresh new start. You go back to the beginning again and tell the story from a different angle or in a different way. There is no word as to whether or not Top Gun 2 will be a direct sequel or if it will be a reboot. Also no word on exactly what role Tom Cruise’s Maverick will play. The big question in my mind is will Kenny Loggins and his anthem “Danger Zone” be back? What good is Iceman and Maverick if they can’t fly away to the danger zone?



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