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Jennifer Grey: Monday Night Double Feature On DWTS And House

Posted by on October 15, 2010 at 4:21 PM EST

jennifer grey houseJennifer Grey will be on DWTS and House at the same time Monday Night!

Monday night will be a battle of Jennifer Grey verses Jennifer Grey as she appears on two shows at the same time.  Grey is, of course, one of the cast members of Dancing With the Stars where she is consistently among the best dancers. This week her stiffest competition may not come from the dance floor, but from herself as she also appears on the popular show House which airs on FOX in the same time slot as DWTS.

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On Dancing With the Stars Season 11 we get to see the more athletic side of Jennifer as she works hard to overcome some recent injuries and maintain her position as the odds on favorite to win the show. On House Season 7 we will get to see what made her famous – acting. Grey has been in over 35 movies and TV shows including the iconic movies Dirty Dancing, Red Dawn and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Her career steamed along nearly uninterrupted until the early 1990’s when she got a nose job that was so botched by the doctor she had to have a second surgery to repair the damage done by the first. The result left her looking unrecognizable to even her close friends and family. Jennifer Grey struggled to get roles and even considered a name change so she could start over fresh. In 1999 she starred in a sitcom called It’s Like, You Know where she played herself and even poked fun at her botched nose job. Her career has slowly been building up steam since then.

Grey’s role on House is an art imitating life kind of situation. On House she plays a mom who must make some hard choices as her newborn baby starts having breathing troubles. Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) and his team take over her case and make an alarming discovery about the baby’s condition. Eventually, Grey’s character must make some hard choices on treatment options, which could affect her and her child’s lives.

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In real life Grey has had some medical battles of her own. In addition to the nose job she also suffers from chronic neck pain due to a car accident from several years back. During the wreck her spinal chord was compressed. Doctors had to insert a titanium plate I her neck to stabilize her spinal chord. After the procedure her doctor suggested that she see another doctor about a white spot he had noticed on her thyroid in one of the MRI scans taken for her surgery. At first it was believed that the spot was a benign nodule, but it turned out to be cancerous and was removed. Grey has said that she thinks the cancer was caught before it had a chance to metastasize. She remains cancer free to this day. Had it not been for the wreck and the MRI that followed the cancer could have gone on undetected for a long time.

While it is not unheard of that a star will be in two movies opening the same weekend or two TV shows playing at the same time, this is a first for Dancing With the Stars. While House gets good ratings and has a big following, I would look for Jennifer Grey the dancer to kick Jennifer Grey the actress’s ass in the ratings on Monday. Of course with Tivo and DVR’s you could always catch them both.



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