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Ines Sainz: Jets Locker Room Drama Continues

Posted by on October 15, 2010 at 3:44 PM EST

ines sainz nflThe drama surrounding the hot NFL reporter Ines Sainz and the New York Jets locker room continues to unfold.

Ines Sainz, the TV Azeteca reporter who made headlines last month when she was made to feel uncomfortable in the New York Jets‘ locker room, is back in the news. Sainz has returned to the NFL sidelines and that is where she plans to stay. At a news conference held Thursday Sainz told reporters that she would not be going into locker rooms anymore. She said that they were not a good place for her right now and that she didn’t want to be in them.

Last month Ines Sainz was at the center of a controversy surrounding the NY Jets. She was at their practice facility waiting to interview Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. As she stood on the sideline an assistant coach seemed to deliberately be throwing footballs near her. As practice ended she waited for Sanchez in the locker room where she says a few of the players whistled and made catcalls in her direction. While she said she didn’t feel threatened, she did feel uncomfortable.

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After the incident Jets owner Woody Johnson launched an investigation with the help of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. In the end there was found to be no outright inappropriate behavior, but Johnson was picked to spearhead a new workplace conduct program that will be used by all 32 teams.

Sainz herself came under fire after the event. She was criticized for dressing too sexy for the job. After tweeting a picture of what she was wearing that day (skin tight jeans and a tight, form-fitting blouse) she took even more heat for her choice of clothing. She has said that she took a lot of punishment from the media who seemed to blame her for what had occurred. At Thursday’s press conference she said that she likes to look good and that she is proud of being a woman, but if she wears something that is somewhat sexy it doesn’t make her any less of a professional. She said she is not looking for that kind of publicity. She just wants to do her job, which she has done without incident for nine years.

Ines Sainz is scheduled to be in Pittsburgh this weekend then she goes back to the NY Jets camp before visiting the New England Patriots. Her return to the NY Jets could not have come at a worse time for the embattled franchise. No sooner had the initial controversy around Sainz calmed down than did a new one featuring Brett Favre appear. There are allegations that while Favre was playing for the Jets two seasons ago he hit on Jenn Sterger a “reporter” who worked in the Jets media office. There are voice mails that are supposedly Favre talking to her about wanting to get together and she claims he texted her pictures of his penis. There is no proof to these allegations. In the pictures there is nothing to identify that this penis belongs to, but it has still stirred up a firestorm of controversy.

Favre has always been known as a family man who stood by his wife as she battled cancer. This brings out a whole new side of him that most people never knew existed . . . or at least allegedly exists. Brett Favre has not commented and the NFL is investigating.

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So while the Jets deal with this new controversy Sainz comes back to town. Look for the Jets to roll out the red carpet for her and treat her like a queen. The team will be on its best behavior. Rex Ryan might even put down the Krispy Kremes long enough to personally see to her needs. As for Sainz, she has not spoken about returning to the Jets camp but did say that all this publicity brought her 10-12 job offers including one to pose nude in Playboy. She turned Playboy down, but did accept a job from boxing promoter Top Rank to do daily reports in the week leading up to the November 13th fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito.



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