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Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: Heather C. Fashion Disaster

Posted by on October 15, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

top chef just desserts recapThis week on Top Chef: Just Desserts, Heather C. had a fashion disaster.

The brand new Top Chef spin-off, Top Chef: Just Desserts brought forth its sense of fashion for this week’s episode on BRAVO. Gail Simmons returned as the host, so let’s get right into the “Edible Fashion” episode, shall we.

For the Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef: Just Desserts, Gail introduced the contestants to their guest judge, Sherry Yard (Executive Pastry Chef for Wolfgang Puck). The cheftestants are then told that they will need to make a Soufflé. While some of the contestants know how to properly make a Soufflé, others struggle with the concept. Meanwhile, you have Zac (or was it Yigit, I couldn’t tell) prancing around yelling “Go Diva!” which to me would get rather annoying after a while. After the Quickfire time was called, Sherry Yard announced her top three soufflés. Morgan, Yigit and Danielle found themselves in the top three and Yigit claimed victory.

In typical Padma Lakshmi (host of Top Chef) fashion, Gail Simmons let’s out a lame catch line “and to pump you up” when she lets the Top Chef: Just Desserts contestants in on what their Elimination Challenge would be. The pastry chefs must create an edible outfit that match a pair of high heel shoes that they have chosen. Gail also let’s them know that on top of there ‘Edible Outfit’ they must create two couture petit fours. I have no idea what that even is, I feel like I am speaking a foreign language at this point. From what I take it is two little snacks to go along with their edible dress.

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Let the games begin as we clearly see whom the strong contestants are when it comes to ‘Edible Fashion.’ Contestant Zac lets us in on the fact that he designs an edible dress every year at some fashion show (CHEATER!).

The fashion event begins and the Top Chef: Just Desserts judges (Gail Simmons, Johnny Luzzini, Dannielle Kyrillos and Sherry Yard) go around to check out the contestants ‘Edible Fashion.’ While the judges loved most of the contestants’ creations, two of them stood out like a sore thumb. Heather C. and Danielle both created dresses using vegetables as opposed to chocolate. At one point in the night, Top Chef judge Johnny Luzzini points out that “This is Top Chef: Just Desserts, not Top Chef: Vegetables.” Aren’t you the clever guy, Mr. Head Judge!

Back at the Judges table, there were some fashion disasters to be discussed. Gail Simmons goes into the Stew Room and calls in Morgan, Yigit and Zac. Of course, these three were on top for the ‘Edible Fashion’ episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts. Sherry Yard announces that Morgan has one this elimination challenge, marking his 2nd win in a row.

The Top Chef pastry chefs that had no sense of fashion: Eric, Heather C. and Danielle were called in as the bottom 3. Heather C. who had already been voted off of Top Chef: Just Desserts once (was asked back because of Seth’s mental breakdown), found herself going home once again.

Top Chef: Just Desserts will return next Wednesday night at 10|9c on BRAVO.



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