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The Apprentice Season 10 Recap: Gene And Wade Are Fashionably Fired!

Posted by on October 15, 2010 at 11:04 AM EST

the apprentice gene wade firedAfter Tyana was fired last week, The Apprentice Season 10 was down to twelve contestants, but only ten would survive last nights show.

As the men of The Apprentice Season 10 celebrate there win Clint meets with Steve Forbes who gives him some good advice and a nice pep talk. Shortly after his return the teams gather and Donald Trump introduces them to Michael Rupp the CEO and President of Rockport Shoes. This week’s challenge will be for the teams to put together a runway show that features the new fall lineup at Rockport. The men will present the women’s shoes and the women will present the men’s. For this fash “Rock The Catwalk” episode of The Apprentice Wade takes the project manager spot for the men and Stephanie for the women.

Stephanie quickly set out to change the mood of the women’s team in an effort to stop the constant arguing. She assigned duties based on people’s strengths and set everyone to work. Wade has a pretty laid back style. He too assigns positions choosing to have David and Gene co-emcee the show so they can play off each other during the show.

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Right out the gate the women seem focused, organized and each person is in the job that best suits them. The men are doing okay, but seem a little chaotic. When the models arrive the guys seem like they are in love while the women are giddy, but stay on task. They take the men’s sizes then two of them take one guy with them to the store to try things on. The men take all the women shopping and it slows them down. The guys are flirting and they don’t know anything about clothes.

Back at the office Gene and David are working on their presentation and they don’t seem to have much chemistry. David is being a little off color and Gene is too technical. They are not a good match. As the time of rehearsals came around the women were in good shape. They were able to get the models on the runway, give them direction and put together their show. They told a story and seemed like a well-oiled machine.

The men of The Apprentice Season 10 were in chaos at their rehearsal. Gene was nowhere near being ready for his presentation so David just stood at the podium and made snide remarks. You can see bad things on the horizon for the men as the men’s rehearsal crashes and burns with nothing getting done.

As the show started the women were ready to rock. They got their show off without a hitch. For a finale they had all the guys go out in just shoes and boxers. The women in the audience loved it, but it was hard to gauge Trump and Rupp’s reaction. The men’s show was mess. Gene was terrible. He stumbled through his presentation. What David was doing was anyone’s guess. At the start they said they would play off each other, but at the show David introduced Gene then just stood there as he struggled. Halfway through the show David left the stage. Gene was alone and had his wires so crossed he was calling the models by the shoe names and vice verse.

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In the boardroom Donald Trump had a few things to say to the women but then told them that he was so impressed with them that for the first time in the history of the show he was declaring a winner without talking to the other team. The women left and Trump tore into the guys. Wade tried to cover his ass by saying that Gene and David both told him they had experience as an emcee when in reality they both sucked at it. Donald Trump thought the guys that dressed the models did well, but he thought that Gene was horrible, David was no better and Wade should have fixed the problem. Had he simply had the guys audition or tried different guys during rehearsals he could have found the best guy to emcee the event. When he found out they had no real rehearsal because Gene wasn’t ready he came uncorked. Gene eventually said he stood by his idea, but that he didn’t do well and he took responsibility for his actions. He said if Trump wanted to fire him, then he would accept that. Donald Trump fired him on the spot. Before anyone could say anything Trump then fired Wade.

It is hard to know if the double firing came from Trump’s anger at the utter failure of the men in this task or if it is because of The Apprentice and its falling ratings and a desire to get it done quickly. Don’t be shocked if this isn’t the last double firing this season.

The Apprentice Season 10 will return next Thursday night at 10|9c on NBC.



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