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‘Survivor’ Nicaragua Recap: Tyrone Voted Off

Posted by on October 14, 2010 at 12:08 PM EST

survivor recap tyroneLast night’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua came with some shock, surprise, a nice rain storm and a good old fashioned blind side.

The morning after voting Jimmy T off of Survivor: Nicaragua Marty is feeling good. He has effectively shattered any other alliance but his own and feels like he and Dan and running the older tribe. He is not worried about a thing because they can lose two more challenges and they will just vote off Sally and Jane so all is good. They are now thinking two or three tribal councils ahead and running the game.

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At the first Survivor challenge, a reward challenge, Jeff Probst has everyone drop his or her buffs. They all then draw rocks out of bags and two captains are selected. Brenda draws the rock for the younger tribe and Holly for the older tribe. They now get to pick new tribe mates. Holly gets to select four members from the younger tribe to join the older and Brenda gets three members from the older tribe to join the younger. Brenda takes Marty, Jane and Jill. Holly selects Chase, Alina, NaOnka and Benry. Those Survivor: Nicaragua contestants switch teams and we now have new, mixed tribes. The former younger tribe is now La Flor and the former older tribe is Espada.

The new teams of Survivor now partake in a reward challenge. Each tribe has a member roll a ball up and into an elevated maze. The ball drops through the maze bouncing all over the place. At the bottom of the maze are two members of the opposite tribe. They must catch the ball. If they miss it and it hits the ground the team that is rolling gets a point. The first team to three gets chickens: two hens and a rooster. It is a close battle that ends up tied 2 points each then Marty drops the ball (his second drop of the game) and Espada wins.

The newly formed Survivor Nicaragua tribes return to camp. Holly immediately starts bonding with the new younger members of her tribe and seems to be able to form an alliance with them pretty quickly. Most of the younger members of Espada are not impressed with Tyrone’s leadership style. He is too pushy for their laid back disposition. Former enemies NaOnka and Alina are now starting over and working together. They know they have to stick together if they want to make it.

Over at La Flor Marty tries to insert himself as leader. He tells the Survivor: Nicaragua tribe that he has a hidden immunity idol and after giving them a speech about being honest and upfront he shows them the idol and hangs it on a branch.

The immunity challenge on last nights Survivor Nicaragua was pretty wild. Each tribe has three members strapped to a wheel. Three other members’ then turn that wheel. As the wheel goes around one by one those strapped to it are dunked under water. They have to take a mouthful of water then when they are at the top of the rotation they spit the water into a tube. Once the tube was full it will tip over and release a heavy ball that the remaining members of the tribe now throw at five targets to break them. The first team to break all five targets wins.

Espada uses a technique where they turned the wheel a little slower than La Flor and it gives the members strapped to it more time to aim where they spit their water. It works and gives them an early lead but in the end it came down to who was more accurate throwing the balls and Fabio was able to take it home for La For.

Back at Espada’s camp NaOnka was acting like she was ready to quit. It was cold and raining and the shelter sucked and she was ready to give up. Her Survivor tribe mates said she was acting like a little child. The tribe decided they wanted to eat some chicken before they went to tribal. Tyrone was against it because he wanted eggs for the long term, but everyone else voted for it. They killed and cooked one of the hens (I’m not sure why they didn’t just kill the rooster). Tyrone made sure to warn everyone as they ate to be respectful of how much they took then proceeded to take the largest portion. That pissed a lot of people off.

At tribal council it was clearly between Tyrone, who was annoying the younger players and NaOnka who seemed ready to leave. She even told Jeff Probst that this was the hardest thing she has ever done, even harder than when she went through a divorce. In the end Tyrone and Dan voted NaOnka and everyone else voted for Tyrone who was clearly blindsided.

Survivor Nicaragua will return next Wednesday night at 8|7c on CBS.



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