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Dancing With The Stars: Primetime Celebrity Rehab

Posted by on October 14, 2010 at 10:58 AM EST

dwts celebrity rehabDancing With The Stars is becoming a primetime rehab for celebrities to turn their career around.

Could Dancing With The Stars be the new place for celebrity failures to turn to for a career boost?

There have always been options for any celebrities who find themselves stuck in an unpopular or tough situation. If you do something bad and get caught or you hurt your good reputation you can always do the typical things. You can go to rehab or start dating someone who is high profile. You can even go out and commit a worse crime then accept your punishment and make a very public turn around. It seems like Dancing With the Stars is starting to become one of those places where stars go to make that turn around.

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If your career is lagging (or, for that matter never took off like you would have liked it to) get on Dancing With the Stars and it will get you seen by millions of people each week. If you have some personal issues that have taken the shine off of your career, no worries. Get on your dancing shoes and ham it up on DWTS so all will be forgiven. It might be fair to say that Dancing With the Stars is a pet cemetery of sorts. If you remember the classic Stephen King book “Pet Cemetery”, when your beloved pet dies, you can just bury it in this special cemetery and it will come back to life. Only it won’t be quite the same as it was before it died.

The list of past stars that have had problems then went on DWTS to remake their image looks like a laundry list of troubled toys. Among them are Tatum O’Neal, Jerry Springer, Shanna Moakler, Tucker Carlson, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Lance Bass, Steve-O, Lil’ Kim, Tom Delay, Shannen Doherty and Erin Andrews. It is a who’s who of people who have had legal troubles, drug and alcohol problems, scandals and general career problems or bad press. Dancing With The Stars Season 11 is not without its rebuilding projects. Bristol Palin became know simply as the knocked up teen daughter of Sarah Palin and she clearly wants to rebuild her image. David Hasselhoff has been in the news recently for his drinking problems and The Situation was known mostly for drinking and being a jackass. Brandy and Jennifer Grey could also be on this list. Brandy’s music and acting career has never been the same since the tragic traffic accident she was involved with and Jennifer Grey has struggled to get work since her botched nose job left her looking like a different person.

This isn’t to say that all the cast members of the show have had troubles in the past, but it has started looking like every season they go out the cemetery and dig up a few reclamation projects. Dancing with the Stars will continue to cast an eclectic mix of celebrities, athletes and has-beens and never-weres, just don’t be shocked if next season features Lindsay Lohan, Snooki or some other trouble soul finds their way onto the cast as well. I have a feeling somewhere in Maine Stephen King is watching the dancing and laughing his ass off.



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