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Gavin Rossdale: No Doubt Before Bush I Had Gay Fling

Posted by on October 13, 2010 at 5:00 PM EST

gavin rossdale gay flingGavin Rossdale opens up about his fling with another man!

Singer Gavin Rossdale (lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Bush) and husband to the amazing Gwen Stefani made a pretty shocking statement today when he admitted to once hooking up with a cross dressing man.

When Gavin Rossdale was 17 he had a one-time fling with cross dressing pop singer Marilyn. Marilyn claims that the relationship lasted for a long time and was an ongoing thing but Rossdale refutes that and says it was just a one-time thing. He was young and experimenting and it was nothing serious.

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It isn’t has if these rumors are new. Stories of this affair came out back in 1995 when Boy George (a friend of Marilyn’s) wrote in his book that Marilyn and Gavin Rossdale had been involved in a relationship. Rossdale shrugged it off saying that he and Marilyn were just friends and that Boy George thinks everyone is gay.  He says now that these rumors first came out when his band Bush was just getting started having success in America and he didn’t want to have anything to do with the story for fear that it might effect his relationship with the band and their success.

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It is understandable why he would not want to have that sensitive information come out as his band was building up stream. He was the front man of a hard rock band that seemed to be all about playing loud and chasing girls. It wouldn’t quite fit the profile of rock star if he suddenly admitted a one-time hook up with a guy. Now that he has been married to Gwen Stefani for eight years and has two kids of his own he is more relaxed and seems more open about it.

Of the affair he says he was just a 17-year-old kid learning about life. He then goes on to explain that you he was just figuring out what he liked and that he knows what he likes (presumably women). While the exact details of how involved this fling or relationship was are still unclear, Gavin Rossdale is taking a pretty brave stance here. It would be easy for him to just stay quiet about it and treat it like he always has. For whatever reason, he had decided to talk openly about it. Maybe he’s decided that he wants to use this as a platform to speak to young people. Maybe he is setting an example for his kids and letting them know they don’t have to be afraid to be whoever they are or maybe he just tired of denials and has decided to come clean. For whatever reason it is a brave step forward. Hopefully it will work out in a positive way for him and if not . . . what the hell . . . he gets to go home to red-hot Gwen Stefani at the end of the day.  There are a lot of guys in this world who would take a roll in the hay with Marilyn if it meant they could marry Gwen.



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