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‘Dancing With The Stars’: A Tale Of Celebrity Feuds

Posted by on October 13, 2010 at 4:16 PM EST

dancing with the stars season 11A quick look at all of the judges’ feuds on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 11.

Things are starting to get heated on the new season of Dancing With the Stars.  It is inevitable in any show where you have judging for there to be some people with hurt feelings or anger aimed towards the judges, but we are a mere four weeks into the season and it already seems like the contestants, pro-dancers and judges on DWTS are taking things to a new level in terms of feuds and disagreements.

The whole thing kicked off in Week 2 of “Dancing With The Stars” when Bruno Tonioli gave Michael Bolton a verbal smack down. After Bolton’s second dance (admittedly not a very good one) Bruno tore into Michael Bolton and told him that he thought it was the worst dance he had seen in the history of dancing with the stars. Both Len Goodman and Carrie Ann Inaba came to Bolton’s defense and even admonished Bruno Tonioli for his words. Michael Bolton seemed a little stunned, but played it cool. Later on he would say that he felt Bruno was out of line and owed him an apology. There would be no apology as Bruno stuck to his words the following night during the results show where Michael Bolton was voted off.

Next on the agenda was Brandy‘s partner Maksim. After footage of him smacking her on the ass, legs and hips as they rehearsed and footage of them butting heads and him being a general hard ass aired prior to their dance all of the Dancing With The Stars judges told him that they didn’t like or approve of his training techniques. It was becoming clear that Brandy and Maksim’s relationship was strained and the judges didn’t want to see any of the contestants treated poorly. Brandy defended him during the show and the following week she went out of her way to make it look like they were getting along, but it didn’t work. Maksim told reporters that he felt the judges had crossed a line in questioning his training techniques and that he too deserved an apology. As per normal, there was none given. This week Brandy and Maksim seemed to be overly friendly, trying hard to put on a good face. He even took her on a date to get her feeling romantic about the rumba they were going to perform. In the end it was she who taught him a little something about romance. I think it is pretty clear that the judges don’t care for him and he doesn’t care for them. Brandy is dancing well so this feud could last the entire season of Dancing With The Stars.

The latest person to get into the fray is Bristol Palin. She was the darling of the judges for the first two weeks. Week 1 found her a little nervous and they treated her with kid gloves and gave her some good advice. Week 2 of Dancing With The Stars found her taking that advice and making a major improvement. The judges rewarded her with praise and a good score. But things have soured since then. The judges felt she took a step backwards in Week 3 and in Week 4 they felt she had some strong technical aspects to her dance, but her performance was lacking. They gave her the second lowest score of the week (behind only The Situation who was voted out this week). Today Bristol Palin is saying that the judges were a little too hard on her. She felt that her rumba deserved more than the 32 it got saying the score was, “a little bit harsh.” Her partner Mark Ballas came right out and said it was unfair. The judges already made enemies out of Bolton and Maksim. Are Bristol and/or Mark next on that list? I have a feeling if she does a decent dance, but gets another low score next week the gloves will be off. The only question left is will her mom get involved or will she decided to stay out of this one? I think we all know the answer to that.



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  1. Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno, you should be ashamed of yourselves for the way your are acting! I have watched DWS since the first season and have always looked forward to the next season. However this year you all have gone too far with your derogatory comments with the dancers. Enough is enough! Giving out 4’s is not fair to any of the participants who work so hard to perfect their dances each week. I think you are forgetting something: they aren’t all professional dancers. Please get a little professional so the audience can continue to enjoy the program. A lot of us in Arizona will discontinue watching if it doesn’t start improving. Thank you for your attention to this important message.

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