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The Big Bang Theory: Kaley Cuoco Geeks It Up With Broken Leg

Posted by on October 13, 2010 at 3:35 PM EST

kaley cuoco big bang theoryKaley Cuoco announced today that she is returning to work on her hit show The Big Bang Theory, broken leg and all.

A few weeks ago there was an announcement made that Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory had hurt herself in a horse riding accident. It was decided that the show would keep its schedule and that Kaley would not be in some episodes of The Big Bang Theory Season 4 because of the broken leg. The rumor was confirmed when the rest of the cast including Emmy winner Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar appeared together on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson sans Kaley and talked briefly about her injury and absence from the show.

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Today Kaley Cuoco is scheduled to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show where she will announce that she is returning to the show even though she is still in a her cast. It had always been assumed she would be back on The Big Bang Theory while still in the cast (it would be hard to keep her out of 6-8 episodes), but the question had remained about how they would use her. Speculation was that they would write her injury into the show, but Kaley confirmed today that they would treat her like she is pregnant. Often times when an actress on a show gets pregnant the writers and producers don’t add the pregnancy to the show, instead they work around it. They shoot her from angles or covered in a way that you can’t tell she is pregnant. This allows them to carry on with their normal storyline without having to work a mystery pregnancy into the plot. Kaley Cuoco will get the same treatment. There may be story line shift as she gets a new job as a bartender (giving her a bar to hide the cast behind and a plenty of options for Raj to get drunk and say inappropriate things to her) and they will just cover her up or shoot her from the waist up. There will still be a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory that she is missing from, but two is a lot easier for them to cover than 6-8 and I guess these changes were easier to do than to come up with a reason for her to be in a cast.

Of the accident itself, Kaley Cuoco says that she was at the end of a riding lesson when her horse spooked and she fell off. She and her trainer were laughing about it when the horse spooked again this time stomped on her leg. She heard the bones cracking and when she looked down her foot was facing towards her in a very wrong way. She was taken to the hospital where the doctors rushed her into surgery. She says that the doctor was in such a hurry to get her in surgery he came in, didn’t introduce himself and just started telling her what the options were including amputation.

Kaley Cuoco says she remembers thinking to herself, “I’m going to have to call work and tell them I have one foot.”

Kaley’s foot stayed attached and now she is in a bright pink cast and ready to get back to work on one of the hottest, most popular shows on TV (The Big Bang Theory Season 4).  It will be interesting to see just how creative they get in coming up with ways to cover the cast and keep her from having to walk around.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4 airs Thursday nights at 8|7c on CBS.



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