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Andy Richter Is Conan’s Late Night Sidekick

Posted by on October 13, 2010 at 12:19 PM EST

conan tbsAndy Richter will rejoin Conan O’Brien as his sidekick on his new late night talk show, Conan.

When Conan O’Brien‘s new late night talk show, ‘Conan’ debuts on TBS November 8th, Andy Richter will once again be at his side as his sidekick on the show.  It is as if the circle has finally come around for Conan and Andy who first teamed up in 1993 when Conan took over the Late Show on NBC.

Richter was Conan O’Brien‘s sidekick on Late Night With Conan O’Brien from 1993 to 2000. In late 2000 Andy Richter left the Late Show to pursue other options. He stared in a few short lived TV shows including the very underrated Andy Richter Controls the Universe that lasted two seasons. From there he went on to star in a few other shows, but none of them caught on and made it past their initial season. From there Richter had small roles in some movies and did some voice over work.

He rejoined Conan in February of 2009 when Conan took over as host of the Tonight Show. Andy Richter served as Conan’s announcer and sometimes chimed in during bits and interviews. He will now return to the couch where he and Conan started together.

While Conan is always funny on his own, he seems to be at his best when he has a straight man to play off of and Andy is the perfect guy for that role. Andy mocks disgust, anger, irritation and boredom with the best of them and gives Conan the perfect wall to bounce his manic material off of.  While Conan’s show has undergone some changes including the departure of long time bandleader Max Weinberg much of the staff has stayed intact. I would expect the new TBS show to have a little different feel, but I think Conan will go back to what he was doing when he was hosting the Late Show. He will be absurd, edgy, manic and funny as hell. Now that Andy is back, the circle is complete and the funny can officially return to late night.



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