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The Situation Voted Off Dancing With The Stars

Posted by on October 13, 2010 at 12:12 PM EST

dwts the situationJersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino a.k.a. The Situation was voted off Dancing With The Stars last night.

It was a crash and bang 24 hours for The Situation. Mike Sorrentino’s rough 24 hours started with his performance on Monday’s live Dancing With the Stars performance show. He and his partner Karina Smirnoff decided that since The Situation wasn’t getting the steps down very well they would forget the technical aspects of the dance and focus on the performance side. They threw in some pretty intense lifts and to his credit Mike Sorrentino never dropped her and they pulled most of them off. The problem was the rest of the dance. It didn’t go very well at all. The judges told him it was terrible and rewarded him with the worst score of the night.

That night The Situation decided to hang out with his manager and some friends to blow off some steam and relax. The Situation’s manager promptly backed the rental car he had gotten for The Situation to use while he was in LA shooting DWTS into something. When he pulled forward he ripped the entire bumper off the back of the car. There were actually some rumors that it might have been Mike Sorrentino himself driving when it happened. When asked by some paparazzi what happened to the car he seemed to want to admit something but said nothing. Later his manager took full responsibility. Maybe the car is in his manager’s name so he did that for insurance purposes, maybe not. I guess we will never know.

Then last night the inevitable finally came to pass and The Situation was voted off of Dancing With The Stars Season 11. This night has been a few weeks in the making. Each week many of the dancers are improving, but Mike Sorrentino never did. If anything there were times when he seemed to regress. He barley escaped being voted off in each week and it was pretty clear that he was the weakest dancer left.

The Situation May Be Gone From Dancing With The Stars But You Can Watch Him On Jersey Shore!

The Situation has officially crashed his way out of the 2010 DWTS party. I guess it is back to the Jersey Shore, hitting on girls in sleazy clubs and smacking Snooki around.



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