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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Top Dancers Jennifer, Brandy, and Audrina

Posted by on October 12, 2010 at 7:31 PM EST

jennifer-grey-dwts-winner‘Dancing With the Stars’ top dancers from last night; Jennifer, Brandy, and Audrina.

Each week we see the competition on Dancing With the Stars get more and more intense and this week the stakes were taken to a new level the floor was moved to the middle of the studio and the dancers danced in the round. Each team also received two separate scores: one of the technical aspects of their dance and one for their performance aspect. We saw some teams really shine and others not do well at all. Here are this week’s winners:

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Jennifer Grey reestablished herself as the dancer to beat with her strong, nearly perfect Argentine Tango. Rehearsals were a struggle for her. Her neck was still hurting from a few weeks ago and now she has an injured foot, but she focused and pushed through it and really got the steps down well. Jennifer and her partner Derek Hough performed fantastically. They were romantic, in tune with each other and oozed charm and charisma. She was awarded the first two 10’s of the year by the judges. Her technical score was 27. Her performance score was 29 for a total of 56. With this dance she took the top spot back from Audrina and showed that she is going to be very difficult to beat.

Brandy seemed to overcome the adversity of the last few weeks and the drama surrounding her and partner Maxsim. Maxsim seemed to actually be making an effort to be nicer to her and treat her with more respect. As he taught her the rumba he told he she needs to be hot, sexy and sensual, but she says she can’t feel that way unless she is in love. Maxsim takes her on a date where he gives her flowers, candy and a romantic dinner. It is actually kind of funny as she teaches him how to treat women nicely. Maybe these two can get along. Their dance was steamy. Brandy writhed against him, at times with eyes closed looking lost in the moment of passion. The judges loved it and told her that she was very sexy and shined. It was even a little too hot for Len. She got a 22 on the technical side and a 26 for performance giving her a total of 48. With this dance Brandy seemed to have asserted that she and Maxsim can overcome their issues and she is still someone to be reckoned with.

Audrina Patridge came out of nowhere last week to get the highest score of the week. She continued her strong performances this week. She and Tony danced the Argentine Tango and it seemed to start off on a slow note in rehearsals. Audrina had some tough times with the lifts and was focused on working on the technical aspects of the dance. Tony had to help her get in touch with her inner bitch so she could get into character for the dance. She seemed a little overwhelmed by it all. At one point she even says that five years ago she was a receptionist and now here she is on the one of the biggest shows on TV. Their performance was good. Audrina Patridge, as always, looked great. In her skimpy red dress and tan skin she looked like a golden goddess. They had a strong, icy and aggressive dance with some nice lifts and good moves. The judges commented that she still has some details to work on, but she was good. Tony was very impressed with her. He told Brooke how proud he was that she had never danced, never had a single dance lesson in her life, and here she was competing at the top level on the show. She got a 24 for the technical side and a 22 for performance giving her a total of 46.

Going into the season the odds makers had the women as heavy favorites and they are starting to show why. Some of the guys are stepping up and making a run, but it is clearly the women that are the cream of the crop. A special winner’s shout out to Florence Henderson who gave maybe the most steamy, provocative dance of the week complete with groping and grinding and all kinds of smoldering sensuality. Who knew? Maybe we should have all forgotten about Jan and Marsha and lusted after Miss. Brady!

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