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The Situation or Bristol Palin Who’s Going Home on Dancing With The Stars

Posted by on October 12, 2010 at 7:02 PM EST

the situation voted off "dancing with the stars"The Situation or Bristol Palin, who will be going home tonight on Dancing With The Stars barrel.

For those who saw last night’s Dancing With the Stars live show it became pretty clear that this week’s dancer to be eliminated is either going to be Bristol Palin or The Situation aka Mike Sorrentino. I suppose there could be a shocking surprise, but I doubt it. The writing is on the wall for these two.

The Situation was just not very good at all. I give him credit for doing some pretty damn hard lifts and not dropping his partner during their Argentine Tango, but in the end that was all he had. You could tell things were going to go bad when the rehearsals showed that him struggling to get the steps and the technical aspects of the dance down. With this week being double scores (one for performance and one for technical aspect) his partner Karina knew they were in trouble. She decided to put in the risky lifts, set aside the technical part of the dance and hope they could make it up in the performance side. In the end neither worked very well. He was stiff, out of synch and often just stood there as she danced around him. The DWTS judges savaged him, telling him that he was bad in all areas of the dance. The only nice thing said to him was from Carrie Ann Inaba who was appreciative of him finally showing his abs during a dance. In the end they got a score of 12 for the technical aspects and a 16 for performance for a total of 28.

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Bristol Palin was better than The Situation, but not by much. During rehearsals she was nervous about being sexy. Even her partner Mark Ballas admitted that the rumba was not a dance suited to Bristol and that she had trouble identifying what was sexy and hot. As the week of rehearsals went on she seemed to be picking up the technical aspects of the dance. Bristol Palin had been promising to wear a sexy outfit this week, but it wasn’t hot at all. The very short skirt she wore in Week 1 was hotter than this thing. She is 19, but she was dressed like a grandma going to a spinning class. From a technical aspect she had the steps for their dance down, the problem is she lacks flow or passion. Clearly, she is concentrating on the steps so much that she forgets to smile or bring any kind of character to the dance.  The entire dance her face was blank, vacant and lacking any passion or emotion. The judges basically told her just that. She seems to be learning the steps, but she lacks any conviction. When the scores came down she was the only one of two people that night to score more on the technical aspect than the performance. She got an 18 for the technical portion and a 14 for performance for a total of 32.

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On a side note, Bristol’s mom Sarah Palin was in the crowd again and wisely they didn’t talk to her this time. Instead they did like they do with all the other family members and just showed her clapping and cheering on her daughter.

As we roll into the results show tonight Bristol Palin and The Situation are clearly the worst of the remaining dancers. If anyone other than one of these two goes home it will be a major surprise and upset. I feel it will be The Situation. He hasn’t improved much at all and I think his abs can only take him so far. Bristol Palin, I feel, has more audience support so she will survive at least one more week.

Find out who America voted off when the live results show of Dancing With The Stars airs tonight at 9|8c.



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