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Sarah Palin Steals Spotlight of Bristol on DWTS Again

Posted by on October 12, 2010 at 11:54 AM EST

sarah palin bristol palin dwtsSarah Palin steals the spotlight of her DWTS contestant daughter, Bristol Palin, again.

Sarah Palin just can’t let Bristol Palin have the spotlight to herself. Bristol is competing in this season of Dancing With the Stars and her mom has helped stoke some fires of controversy, but this new story is just self-serving and kind of lame of her.  Sarah Palin has now announced that Dancing With the Stars contacted she and her husband Todd about Todd being on the show before they ever contacted Bristol Palin.

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To me this story tells two different tales at the same time. First it makes it very clear that Sarah Palin is addicted to the spotlight and the entire Palin family loves attention of any kind. Todd, who is not even in politics, has recently spoken out about Alaska candidate Joe Miller not endorsing Sarah in her potential presidential run even after she endorsed him for his senate run – and endorsement that helped him win the primary and probably the senate seat. The funny thing is he is angry about something that doesn’t exist yet. Sarah Palin has not said if she will run for president. He wants Miller to endorse her even though she isn’t running? But enough about the politics. The Palins love the spotlight otherwise there is no real reason why you would bring up the subject of DWTS approaching Todd. Classy people would be happy that their daughter was on TV and doing something interesting and they would support her. They wouldn’t brag that the show wanted Todd, but then settled for Bristol.

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Which takes us to the second point. Clearly the producers of Dancing With the Stars were desperate for any member of the Palin family to be on the show. I would assume they would love to have Sarah, but she might have legit political aspirations and can’t do the show if she wants to be taken seriously. Todd is a logical choice. Sarah Palin would promote him every chance she got and probably make a handful of live appearances. When Todd said no (there is no reason give as to why he turned it down) they turned to Bristol Palin. The rest his history and Bristol is on the show (although maybe not for much longer). Bristol has been more than the show could ask for. It seems like every week there is a new controversy surrounding her whom you know is getting them plenty of press and helping with the ratings.

I wonder what little gem Sarah Palin will come up with next. My prediction is that the judges are not being fair to Bristol Palin because she won’t dress sexy and be provocative.



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