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Ex-Wife Sells Gary Coleman Hospital Pictures

Posted by on June 7, 2010 at 7:31 PM EST

gary colemanMoney hungry Shannon Price,  ex-wife of the late Gary Coleman sells hospital pictures of the star, from the days prior to his death.

It seems as if all the news lately has been surrounding child-star Gary Coleman’s ex-wife and his demise at the end of last month.

Shannon first came into the news when they questioned whether or not she had the authority to pull the plug on her late ex-husband Coleman. The hospital provided a written document clearly stating that Shannon did in fact have the right to pull the plug. A couple of days later, Shannon expressed regret in the fact that she could not pay for the funeral for Gary.

Shannon Price, ex-wife to the late Gary Coleman seems to be under the gun yet again. Shannon, the thoughtful ex-wife that she is, hired a photographer to come in and get some snapshots of Gary while he was bedridden at the hospital.

Price should have no problem at all now to pay for Gary’s funeral as she has sold the pictures to a tabloid. Not only did she receive money for the pictures of Gary Coleman on his deathbed but she will also receive a piece of the profit that they bring in. Stating that is was “not a part of the deal” Shannon accidentally gave the tabloids pictures of Coleman after he was already dead.

To catch the full story on the death of Gary Coleman, check out:  Gary Coleman Dead at Age 42 in Utah Hospital.

Be sure to check the tabloids as well because the pictures of Gary Coleman on his deathbed could hit the news stands as early as next week.



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