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‘Dancing With The Stars’: Will The Situation Be Next To Leave

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 7:59 PM EST

dwts week 4The Situation says he is trying but is he ready for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 11 week 4 tonight or will he be going home tomorrow?

Dancing With the Stars has been a struggle for Mike Sorrentino a.k.a. The Situation. He started off with a disadvantage. While all the other contestants had three weeks of rehearsals to get ready for Week 1, he was still shooting his show Jersey Shore and only had five days. It showed as his first dance was off beat, stiff and not very good. The judges seemed to like him and went easy as they took into consideration his lack of rehearsal time.

Week 2 of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 really didn’t get any better for him. The Situation struggled to pick up the steps to the quickstep and seemed to be confused by what to do when. As the week of practice went on he started to pick it up, but his performance on the Dancing With the Stars live show was not that impressive. The judges had plenty of constructive criticism for him. Mike Sorrentino scored better than he did the week before, but it was clear that he had plenty of work to do.

As The Situation moved into DWTS Week 3 things took a turn for the odd. Mike Sorrentino admitted that he was having trouble relaxing and just letting things flow. Then he and his partner did a very odd, future/time travel inspired dance. It had music that didn’t fit and a costume change. The Situation seemed out of his world. His foxtrot was odd, off pace and generally weird, but the judges seemed to like it. They gave him a 20, but he narrowly avoided elimination.

Now that Margaret Cho, Michael Bolton and David Hasselhoff are gone the number of lower tier contestants is shrinking quickly and The Situation is starting to find himself an endangered species. If he doesn’t make big steps forward this week he will probably get voted off. He didn’t help his cause with Thursday’s episode of the Jersey Shore, which featured him smacking Snooki in the mouth because she didn’t want to leave the club they were in. In Dancing With the Stars you not only have to impress the judges, but you have to convince the viewers to vote for you. Behavior like that won’t go very far to ingratiate you with the audience. If The Situation lasts past this week I will be pretty shocked.

Watch as slaphappy Mike Sorrentino a.k.a. The Situation takes the dance floor tonight on Dancing With The Stars at 8|7c on ABC.



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