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Dexter Recap: Boyde and Dexter Two Buddies

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 6:02 PM EST

dexter-season-5-boyde-dexterThis week Dexter finds himself trying to get his life back into some sort of normal rhythm. Astor and Cody are now living with their grand parents so as this episode opens we find Dexter looking for a nanny. Debra insisted on handling it and grills all the perspective clients. They eventually settle on a nice Irish woman who Harrison seems to like.

While Dexter is at the therapist with Harrison, Debra, Quinn and Batista are still working on the murder of the woman who’s head was found in the park. Nobody in the neighborhood is talking. It is suggested that they bring in the uniform cop, Manzon, who was on the scene. She grew up in this neighborhood and might have better luck getting people to talk.

At the therapist it is suggested to Dexter that Harrison will probably never remember or understand what happened to his mom because he is so young. Dexter isn’t sure he buys it, but he likes when the therapist suggests he do something for himself – he needs some Dexter time. He has just that something in mind.

Dexter follows Boyd and “accidentally” meets up with him. Over lunch Boyd suggests that Dexter do a ride along with him to see what the job is all about. Dex agrees and finds a nice abandoned building where he sets his kill room up. As he is about to meet Boyd he calls in and reports the body of a dead gator located right by where that building is.

As Dexter and Boyd work his route and pick up dead animals they talk. Boyd is very perceptive. Just when Dex is about to give up hope the call about the gator comes in. They drive out to the location. Dexter picks the right moment and injects Boyd with the tranquilizer he uses. Before Boyd goes down he shoots Dexter in the stomach with a tranquilizer gun and they both go down.

Dexter wakes up in an ambulance next to Boyd who is glaring at him. Someone found them both and called it in. They get to the hospital where Dexter is able to slip out and avoid Boyd who gets a knife from a supply drawer and looks for Dexter. Seeing that Dexter is gone, Boyd too slips away and leaves the hospital.

Quinn is still messing with the sketches from the Trinity case. He calls an FBI friend and asks to bring a picture to the Mitchell family to see if the person in the picture is Kyle Butler (aka Dexter).

Back at Boyd’s house he pulls a gun from a drawer and searches the place. Dexter gets the drop on him and this time is able to drug him without incident. He calls the nanny to tell her he will be a little late and finds out that he missed Harrison’s first step.

Back at the police station an internal affairs officer approach Maria and tells her that they are starting an investigation on Batista. The guy he got in a fight with in last week’s episode is suffering from internal bleeding. He will be okay, but there are reports that Batista kicked the guy while he was down which could be assault with a deadly weapon. Batista could lose his job and go to jail.

Back at Boyd’s house, Dexter uses Boyd’s back room as a make shift kill room and tells Boyd why he is killing him. When Boyd tells Dexter that he was just trying to help the women and Dexter tells him that he, Boyd, is now helping Dexter start the healing process. After he stabs Boyd he doesn’t feel any different. Not better or worse. Nothing. It is then that he hears a noise. Dexter leaves the room just in time to catch a very dirty, half naked girl trying to get away. She was clearly going to be Boyd’s next victim. He tries to calm her down and she passes out. As the episode comes to an end he realizes that she saw everything. She saw him kill Boyd. He just sits on the floor and holds her as the screen fades to black.



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