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Bristol Palin: Ready For Sexy Tonight On Dancing With The Stars

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 7:56 PM EST

bristol palin sexy dwtsBristol Palin plans to get sexy for week 4 of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 tonight on ABC.

Bristol Palin has been nothing if not a hotbed of controversy for Dancing With the Stars Season 11. The controversy started when she was selected to the show. She is the only member of the cast who is not involved in the entertainment business in some way shape or form. There are those who say that because of this she shouldn’t be on the show. She is famous, just not for her own accomplishments so she really isn’t a star.

There was the controversy of her even being on the 2010 DWTS competition, her statements that she would not wear sexy outfits and the extra security needed because he mom was going to come to the premier show before she even hit the dance floor in the premier episode. When she finally danced it was decent. She did wear a sexy dress and did a pretty provocative dance. The judges were nice to her and she sailed into week 2.

In week 2 Bristol Palin and her clothes got much more conservative and her dancing improved. There was still controversy around her, but she seemed to be dealing with it pretty well and her score improved a lot. The judges even said she was an up and comer in the competition.

But that status got a little derailed in Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Week 3. The week started with her and her partner making a trip to Alaska. There was also controversy about whether or not the crowd booed her mom (Sarah Palin) who did attend the second live show. Add to that controversy that the judges were going easy on her because they want to keep her around for ratings and the fact that she got caught in a bar while being underage in Alaska and it was starting to seem like the Palin women stir up controversy no matter what they do. The pressure may have effected Bristol Palin because her third dance was a step back from the previous week. Her score was a 19, down from the previous week’s 22.

As we move into the next week of DWTS Bristol Palin has announced that she will dress and dance sexy this week, but this will be the last time. She was found innocent of any wrong doing in the Nachogate underage bar controversy and it seems this week there are no trips planned so she can have the full week to rehearse. However, if she doesn’t improve this week she might be in trouble. I think she will survive this week, but I think she has a max of maybe 2-3 weeks left. We are quickly getting down to the best of the best dancers and she clearly is not one of them. It seems she and her mom can get the support of viewers and voters, but I think that can only take her so far and eventually her low scores from the judges will catch up to her.

Watch as Bristol Palin plans to bring sexy back tonight on Dancing With The Stars at 8|7c on ABC.



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