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Dancing With the Stars: Kurt Warner is Touchdown King

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 6:26 PM EST

kurt-warner-dtws-4Will Kurt Warner deliver another touch down pass, or just side step on tonight’s Dancing With the Stars.

The rise of Kurt Warner on Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars looks a lot like his rise to being a hall of fame NFL quarterback. When the season started Kurt was one of the long shots to make it very far. Football players have historically done well on the show, but none of them have been quarterbacks. Kurt seemed a little stiff and like he was way out-of-place in the first show, but he has been able to let it all come to him and has emerged as a real threat to win it all.

As this season of DWTS started up Kurt did a decent dance, but he (like many of the contestants) was stiff, nervous and not great. It seems like he has relaxed, loosened up and started to have fun and along with that he has fallen into a groove that has let him shine.

Week 2 if DWTS found Kurt in his element. He did a great jive that was an ode to the military men and women of this country. While he seemed a little awkward here and there during the steps of the dance, he did well enough to score a 22 and get nothing but praise for the judges.

Moving into Week 3 Kurt had to get in touch with his delicate side which, as you might guess, wasn’t too easy. He had a tea party with his young daughters and seemed to love spending time with them. He and his partner did a high energy foxtrot and while Bruno was a little harsh on him the judges really liked him and said he continues to make big steps forward each week and has a charm about him that makes him a contender.

I have said it before and believe it to be true: Kurt Warner is the American Dream. He is the rags to riches story you normally only see in a movie staring Sandra Bullock. Add to that the fact that he seems like a very good guy and it all spells out a pretty long tenure on Dancing With the Stars for Kurt. I can see him making it until there are 4-5 dancers left. From there it is anyone’s game. He seems to be getting good enough at the dancing to hold his own and he brings with him the legion of NFL fans that will vote for him. Kurt is now officially a force to be reckoned with.



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