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Brett Favre Focused Despite NFL Nude Texting Investigation

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 5:41 PM EST

brett favre scandalMinnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre issued what is likely to be the first of many apologies earlier today, for the controversy surrounding his alleged 2008 nude photo sexting to former Jets employee Jenn Sterger.

According to reports at ESPN, Brett Favre, 41, spoke to his teammates Monday morning regarding the media frenzy over Favre’s recent scandal. In the meeting, Favre apologized to the other players for being a distraction, and assured them he was ready for tonight’s game against Favre’s former team, the New York Jets. When asked specifically about his behavior in 2008, ESPN sources say Brett Favre provided little insight, and instead shifted the conversation to his focus on this evening’s matchup, reassuring everyone that he is fully prepared for the game.

The story broke late last week and alleges Brett Favre had inappropriate conversations with, not one, not two, but THREE separate females in the New York Jets organization. Two were massage therapists at the time, and the other, Jenn Sturger, who has since hired a lawyer to represent her. Sturger claims Favre sent her lewd voice and photo messages. If there is any weight to Sterger’s allegations, Favre’s sexy texting can likely now be used as evidence of sexual harassment, should the case get that far.

For a guy who could have gone out on top, continued sipping lemonade in his Wranglers, and perhaps been a great-grandfather before the age of 50, Favre’s made a pretty major spectacle of himself, and now his boss is involved. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also addressed the issue Monday, saying the organization would begin an investigation into the matter, promising to uncover all the facts before further comment.

Favre may be good at shifting the focus, and is probably genuinely sorry for the circus. But I have trouble dishing sympathy for those who get fleabites because they stayed in the petting zoo tent too long. Whether Favre did or didn’t send nude pictures to a slew of female employees remains to be proven, he put himself in a bad situation, and the fact that someone claims they have evidence points hard to the possibility.  We’ll keep you updated as new Bret Favre and Jenn Sterger details surface.



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