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Brandy says Maksim Is Too Tough On Me on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 3:08 PM EST

brandyBrandy and Maksim fight into week for of ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

Brandy started out of the 2010 DWTS Competition red hot and looking like she was going to be in the running to compete for the championship. That may still be the case, but it has been a very bumpy road that is all of a sudden starting to show some cracks.

The first week of Dancing With The Stars Season 11, Brandy dance very well. She was all smiles and seemed like it all came very easy to her. She was having fun and was in her element. She got a good score and was never in trouble of going home.

Dancing With The Stars’ Week 2 saw some cracks starting to show in the armor of Brandy. Her rehearsal footage showed her butting heads with her partner Maksim. Her dance, a jive that featured her dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, was a little low on energy and had some off points including one part where she just stood alone and shook her ass. The judges were critical of her, but still gave her a 21.

Things didn’t get better between Brandy and Maksim for Week 3 of DWTS. He is clearly a taskmaster and is often smacking her on the ass, hips and legs when she takes a wrong step. She tried to spin it and make it seem like she liked his style and that they were getting along, but it came off as fake. These two are both “A” type personalities and seem to have trouble communicating. While she got a great score –24 – the Dancing With The Stars judges had some harsh words for Maksim and his teaching style.

There has now begun a battle of the words between the judges and Maksim. He doesn’t like how they criticized his teaching and they don’t like how he is teaching Brandy. Mix that drama up with the appearance that he and Brandy are having trouble communicating and getting along and it could spell trouble for her. If she starts to come off like a diva or like she is being taken advantage of, people may stop voting for her and it could begin to effect her dancing. I think she is mentally pretty strong from her years in the entertainment business. Maksim is clearly not the first jackass she has had to deal with. If she can keep it cool with him she could go a long way in this season of DWTS, but their relationship could implode and that could kill her chances.

Brandy and Maksim battle it out tonight on DWTS Season 11 at 8|7c on ABC.



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