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Can Florence Henderson Hang on For Another Week of 2010 DWTS?

Posted by on October 11, 2010 at 12:56 PM EST

florence henderson 2010Florence Henderson has made it to week 4 of the 2010 DWTS competition, can she dance her way to week 5?

America’s Mom Florence Henderson came into “Dancing With the Stars Season 11 as one of the oldest contestants they have had. At 76 she doesn’t look her age and moves on the dance floor like someone half her age. She is a perennial crowd favorite, but her time on the show is probably coming to an end so we should enjoy her while we have her.

Florence Henderson started off this season of DWTS surprising everyone. I think nobody, myself included, knew what to make of her or how she would do. She exceeded all expectations and danced very well. She has performed live on Broadway and commanded the floor like a pro. Her energy, smile and enjoyment were infectious and the judges loved her.

Florence Henderson Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Profile

Going into Week 2 Florence Henderson was having a blast goofing with Kurt Warner and making fun of The Situation‘s abs. Her dance showed off her sense of humor without taking away from the dance itself (a la Margret Cho in Week 1) and she brought plenty of grace and flavor to her dance. She scored a 19 and like Week 1 seemed to move on with ease.

Week 3 of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 found Florence Henderson in her element. She did a waltz with music from The Sound of Music (a show she did on Broadway) and she really connected with it. Her dance was very emotional as the music brought back memories of her husband who passed away eight years ago. Her moves were clean, elegant and smooth, but the judges found it to be very basic and simple. They still gave her a 20, her best score yet.

Recap Of The DWTS Judges Scores From Last Week

Dancing With The Stars Week 3 showed off Florence’s weakness. She can do a very pretty, nice dance as long as it stays simple. So far she has yet to get above a 20 and it is only going to get harder from here. As we move into the later rounds of Dancing With the Stars the dances will have to become more intricate and detailed. I fear that will require a physicality that Florence Henderson doesn’t have. She is a lovely woman. Many of us grew up with her on TV and feel like she is someone we know and love. That sentiment will keep her on the show for a little while longer, but I think once The Situation and Bristol Palin are gone she will probably be next in line. But who knows, maybe she has a trick up her sleeve and she will surprise us all.

Week 4 of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 will air tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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  1. I think Florence Henderson has what it takes to last throughout the entire season; she deserves to win. I just bought her Team Florky Hoodiebuddie, and am really hoping it brings them luck!

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